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Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing: Tuning Forks

On this 12 month course you'll learn how to work professionally with Tuning Forks.

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How you'll benefit from this course:-

  • You'll develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to work professionally with tuning forks
  • You'll build a career as a sound healer, doing work you love, helping people with healing sounds
  • You can also help yourself and your loved-ones overcome health challenges and handle the stresses of your life with calmness and peace


What you'll learn on this course:-

  • the science, art and spirit of integral sound healing
  • how to work effectively with advanced tuning fork skills and techniques
  • how to carry out energy assessments and produce treatment plans appropriate to your clients
  • tried and tested sound healing protocols
  • how to apply our unique 10-Step Process of Integral Sound Healing
  • how to develop and launch a successful business as a sound healer

What you'll get when you join this course:-

  • access to our our world-class online learning portal with 90 practical, how-to-do-it video tutorials; Handbooks with the theory behind the practice; Workbooks to guide your practice and other great learning resources - equivalent to at least 15 days of workshop training (100 hours)
  • 4 x live, interactive instructional webinars and group coaching sessions with Tony Nec, the Principal of the Sound Healing Academy
  • 4 x 30 minute live personal coaching session from a top sound healer to guide your learning and development 
  • Personal coaching from our support team when you post comments and questions in our learning portal 
  • Opportunity to network with others in our global sound healing community through our Facebook support group and in our live group coaching sessions
  • Assessment of your workbooks and case-studies, with personal feedback 
  • Our coveted Level 2 Diploma in Integral Sound Healing With Tuning Forks
  • Access to Professional Indemnity Insurance through the International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT).
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you don't love it, you get a full refund!

PLUS GIFT #1: Bonus Module:-

Foundational Wellness Coaching Skills and Techniques to enhance the effectiveness of sound healing with tuning forks


5 x 1 Hour Live Webinars with Tony Nec plus experienced sound healing teachers and practitioners from around the globe. Value: $200

You'll get all this for $1272 when you join now with a payment plan of $212 per month x 6 months



"I feel blessed that I discovered your course. The course is extremely well put together, easy to understand, and I will continue to refer back to the modules." Natalie Brown, USA

"This course was awesome! I really enjoyed it. Very informative!" Saida Jusic, Canada

"I have absolutely loved this course. The content online, through the teaching instruction videos, the audio downloads and the webinars was exceptional. A lot of information with a nice balanced amount of spiritual and scientific information." Trina Norham, Australia 

"This course was everything that I had hoped it to be and far more!" Dawn McKelvie, UK 

The Sound Healing Academy provides affordable, world-class sound healing training that you can study anywhere, anytime!

In this exclusive program, you'll learn advanced skills and techniques for working with tuning forks (plus other instruments to enhance the effectiveness of the sound healing process):      

  • Weighted and unweighted tuning forks to balance Meridian energy
  • High, Medium and Low OM tuning forks
  • Solfeggio tuning forks
  • Fibonacci tuning forks
  • Song of the spine tuning forks

Tuning Forks Needed

You can do this course with the tuning forks that you used for our Level 1 course.  You don't need to buy any extra tuning fork sets.

However, if you want to dive in deeply and learn how to work with additional sets you can take these Modules as optional extras.


You have 12 months to complete this course from the date you start.  Though you can complete it in less time if you wish.


There are 4 parts to the assessment process:

1. Workbooks

2. Case studies

3. Practical exam (by video)

4. Final Paper

Please contact us for more details.  

Email: [email protected]

About your online Tutor: Tony Nec

Tony's Story:

When I was a teenager in the 1970s, I was blessed to experience first-hand the beautiful, uplifting sounds of Gregorian chanting by Catholic monks in an Abbey church built to enhance their vocal harmonics.  

A few years later when I was a university student, I learned how to enter into states of altered consciousness from meditating and chanting Mantras with Tibetan Buddhist monks.  

Often in the still moments after the chanting ended I experienced the nature of my being as a subtle vibrational field with no boundary between myself and the world around me.  The sense of oneness is difficult to describe, though I can say that when it happened I always felt peaceful, calm and gently blissful.  

I then explored the spiritual, healing and musical traditions of India, Tibet, China and Japan.

In 1991, after gaining a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, I opened my first health clinic in Aarhus, Denmark.

Since then I’ve continued to explore the science and art of vibrational, energetic, informational, psychological and spiritual healing in an integral embrace of mind, body, emotion, soul and spirit.

I now know from my own practice and scientific evidence that an effective healing process relies on a combination of factors, including:

  • a high quality relationship between healer and client
  • a strong desire for positive change within the client
  • a strong belief in the effectiveness of the healer and his / her therapeutic modality
  • a clearly focused intent for healing in both the healer and client
  • a state of calm, present-moment awareness in the healer
  • a state of relaxation in the client
  • a set of skilful techniques applied by the healer to stimulate the client’s natural healing abilities

Further information

Course Fee:

Online Learning Center + Coaching & Mentoring + Webinar Recordings + Assessment & Certificate + 3 bonus gifts:

Total cost: $1,272 USD (6 monthly payments of $212)

For further information, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Thank you!


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