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Connecting With Your Tibetan Singing Bowl

tibetan singing bowls Mar 15, 2022

Want a Deeper Connection to your Sound Healing Instruments?

 Sound Healing Academy teacher Simone Meschnig shares some tips with us on how to achieve just that.



Find time in your day to connect with your bowl especially when it is a new purchase. Even 10 minutes a day can have a real impact on how you connect with your singing bowl.

Find a space

This may be somewhere quiet in your home or out in nature. Find somewhere that works for you. Try to be consistent on where you choose to begin with.


Listen to the sounds your bowl produces. Each bowl is unique and has it's own signature. How long is its sustain?

Try different techniques

Use your fingers to tap. Try different mallets. Play around the rim. What does your bowl have to say?


Incorporate mantras or affirmations into your practice. What a beautiful way to start or end your day!

Teacher Simone Meschnig shares tips on how to connect with your Tibetan bowl

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