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Diagnosis And Treatment With Crystal Singing Bowls

crystal singing bowls Jan 10, 2017

Diagnosis and Treatment With Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls

Welcome to the Crystal Singing Bowls blog. In the video below, I demonstrate how to carry out a diagnosis of energy imbalances in the subtle energy field and the chakras, using a Balinese temple bell.

Following on from this diagnosis section, the video continues to demonstrate how to use Crystal Singing Bowls for healing.

In this fascinating insight into the world of Sound Healing, you will learn how to listen for different qualities of sound over the different chakras. This will allow us to establish if each chakra is either in balance, lacking in energy or has an excess of energy.

Listening for overtones or dullness in the sound can show us what areas need healing, and then move on to the process of healing with the Crystal Singing Bowls.

Enjoy the video, and welcome to the wonderful world of Sound Healing.

With resonance,

Tony - Principal, Sound Healing Academy


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