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‘He could feel a lifetime of tension falling away from him’

long-term impact Sep 24, 2019
Roise O’Caollaidhe

Roise O’Caollaidhe, from Worcestershire in the UK, qualified with the Sound Healing Academy back in February 2015 and has since developed her own successful sound healing practice. Here, she shares her experience of working with an elderly gentleman over several years to successfully alleviate not only one, but multiple underlying issues. As told to Yasmin Rosales.

Clive*, an elderly gentleman in his seventies, came to see me for treatments just after I qualified from the Sound Healing Academy. He had got to this age and was fed up with his seemingly involuntary responses of anger in certain situations. He told me it was having a negative impact on his personal life, and his own feelings about himself. He desperately wanted to change.

He came for regular monthly sessions for about two years. I treated him using Tibetan singing bowls to relax him. I also used my 20” handheld wind gong, which I moved around his body to help release excess energy.

Roise treats a client with her Tibetan singing bowl

Over the course of these treatments, he became convinced of the effectiveness of sound as a therapeutic tool. He told me: “I’ve completely changed. It’s only through the sound therapy that I’ve changed.” He also reported a substantial reduction in the frequency as well as the intensity of his anger episodes. He could feel a lifetime of tension falling away from him. It was a great relief for him. During one session he said: “I feel quite proud now that I can feel that feeling [of anger] and walk away from it."

‘He could feel a lifetime of tension falling away from him. It was a great relief for him.’

My client had worked hard and successfully all his life. In his retirement, he had kept up the same pace in his leisure activities. He was out nearly every day and evening doing activities with other people, often in an organising capacity. The sound healing sessions helped him to realise that he was doing things because other people expected him to. Over time, he became more and more drawn to do the things he actually wanted to do. Gradually he was able to let go of most activities with others to spend more time in his own company and focus on his personal pursuits. He became much happier and more relaxed.

I also worked on other issues with him, such as the grief of losing his wife. I used Tibetan singing bowls, my monochord and my voice to nurture my client’s heart. During this treatment, I could hear the sounds changing. I could feel huge amounts of his grief coming up from his earth star chakra through the back of his heart chakra and out through his crown chakra. After the session, he said: “I didn’t know anyone could release so much!”.

Roise uses her monochord and her voice to nurture her client's heart

He also experienced other unexpected benefits. He began to have more clarity about his emotions. They became much less intense and he was able to understand them and be at peace with them. As this happened, he noticed that “I have more energy in the mornings now.” He used this newfound energy to get more activities done in the morning.

The sessions had such a profound impact on him that he decided to do a level 1 workshop with me. He bought the Tibetan bowl and tuning forks needed to complete the course. This was an important next step in his sound healing journey. He now had the sound tools and techniques so that he could work on himself using sound. He was diligent in developing and maintaining a daily practice of meditation using sound for himself. This was easy for him because he enjoyed the effect of the sound so much. He was also now able to identify positive goals for himself and work towards them using sound, as he had learned during the workshop.

‘The sessions had such an impact on him that he decided to do the level 1 workshop with me.’

About two years later he came back to me in pain and using a walking stick. I treated his knee using a weighted tuning fork. He had two sessions. I saw him socially about a year later. I noticed that he was not using a stick. I asked with concern how his knee was. He looked blank for a moment, then remembered: "Oh", he said, "you cured me! I haven't had any problems at all since then."


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* The client's name and identifying details have been changed to protect his privacy. 

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