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Level 2 Sound Healing Diploma Workshop Course Iowa May 2018

Jun 15, 2018
 Workshop Course Iowa

In the short video below, Tony Nec, gives a quick update on our Level 2 practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing workshop course that Natalie Brown is running in Iowa, USA from May 16 - 20.



For more details and to join the course, please click the link below:-


Save $200 on the full fee by enrolling with the early bird discount before April 1st 2018, and collect 2 Gifts with an extra $500 value:

GIFT #1:

5 extra live inspirational Webinars with Tony Nec and a panel of experienced sound healing practitioners from around the globe

GIFT #2:

Wellness Coaching Online Program, teaching you foundational coaching skills and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the sound healing process.

Here are 4 good reasons why you should join this 5-day Level 2 workshop immersion:

  • You'll take a deep dive into the theory and practice of integral sound healing in an immersive retreat experience 
  • You'll get plenty of hands-on practical training in advanced sound healing skills and techniques with a highly experienced educator and musician, Natalie Brown
  • You'll build strong connections with a group of like-minded people
  • You have an amazing personal experience of a powerful integral sound healing journey, based around our unique 10-step process

The workshop takes place in an ideal setting at a retreat center in Mt. Vernon, Iowa,

This is a beautiful, clean and spacious property on ten acres with wooded area and walking trails. It has a fully furnished living room, seating area, dining area and fully stocked kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs is a loft with bunk beds and plenty of space. BBQ grill, surround sound, and fire pit. A perfect and comfortable environment for working with healing sounds and immersing yourself in learning.

There is no additional fee for accommodation, you can stay on location.

There will also be extra special performances, such as guests from the East coast, the Art of Gong.

For more details and to join the course, please click the link below:-




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