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New Level 2 workshop for working one-on-one with clients launched in Melbourne, Australia!

country revelations Oct 15, 2019
Sound Healing in Australia

The Sound Healing Academy is expanding! In September 2019 we launched our first-ever Level 2 Practitioner Diploma workshop for working one-on-one with clients in Melbourne, Australia. Anne Ridgway, the lead teacher, shares her experience of running the workshop. As told to Yasmin Rosales.

Right now, there are a lot of Level 1 students who want to do the Level 2 in Melbourne, so we decided to expand our workshop radius to meet the needs of our students. We have just finished running our first-ever Level 2 workshop for working therapeutically one-on-one with clients. It was a 5-day immersion, which was structured around our unique 10-step healing process with sounds.

We held the workshop in the Shambala Retreat Centre, in Bulleen. We held all of our sessions in a cosy room, which has a lot of ambience to it. There was a lovely garden where people could go and sit outside in the sun. It really is a great location for intimate workshops.

Workshop participants in the retreat centre during a drumming session. 

I was the lead teacher on the workshop, but I worked in a team of three with support from Sally Hutchison and Monique Meredith. They are both teachers for the Sound Healing Academy (SHA) but haven’t run Level 2 workshops before, so it was a great opportunity for them to learn all about running these workshops. It’s exciting because Sally will be running the Level 2 workshops next year in Melbourne and Monique in Adelaide.

We had 12 participants. There was a good energy and the workshop flowed really well. Everyone was curious, very keen to learn and asked lots of questions. They loved it.

Kate, one of the workshop participants, shares her experience of the workshop.

The group had formed a close bond by the end of the workshop, which always happens; especially when they are treating each other and working with each other in pairs. That bond naturally comes about as people undergo healing and learn new things.

It’s a very special magic that happens in a workshop. Every day the excitement grew as there were more things for the participants to discover and add to their learning. There was one lady who came all the way from Malaysia. She bought her crystal harp with her. Everybody loved hearing her play it! Every afternoon we did a drumming activity and then on the last day one of the student’s, who’s a professional musician, had her guitar and she played a couple of songs. We did a sound bath as well at the end of Day 4. That was beautiful.

"It’s a very special magic that happens in a workshop."

The participants went on an incredible journey of personal transformation. It is transforming because people are experiencing the sounds directly and going through the unique 10-step healing process themselves. Everybody was really open and we could see that there were releases happening in the room. There were a couple of people in tears as they worked through things the sound had bought to the surface for them. It is deep work, which requires a lot of sensitivity because it can be such a transformational experience for people.

"My heart and head are both full, after the past 5 days with Anne and Sally. I've absolutely loved it and have surprised myself as to just how far I've come in my sound healing journey. Thank you! It's been life-changing!"

Phoebe Dubar, workshop participant

We even had a very robust discussion on the superego and how we can release the resistance that comes about from our ego structures. We talked about how to be aware of different ego structures when working with clients because people often don’t like to be vulnerable and put walls up to protect themselves. That was a really good in-depth discussion. It’s great to have discussions like this alongside the practical sessions. It makes the workshop truly holistic.


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