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A Sound Healing Journey With Täyu

Jun 09, 2020


In this video Tony Nec talks with Inga Liljestrom and Mark Barnwell about their recent collaboration as Täyu to compose and produce the album: "Incantation".

Inga is a Sound Healing Academy (SHA) Associate Teacher and Tutor.  She runs sound healing workshops up to practitioner diploma level in London and Glastonbury, UK.

Mark is our IT / audio / visual 'guru' and has made significant contributions to the development of SHA over the past few years.

Both Inga and Mark have decades of experience as musicians and recording artists.

Listening to Incantation takes you on a profound sound healing journey through the 5 elements of water, earth, fire, air and spirit (though not in that order).

There are an additional 2 tracks, which Mark refers to as 'spiritual aperitifs', that enhance the journey.

The collaboration for this album was inspired by a SHA Level 2 Diploma workshop in Glastonbury that Inga and Mark worked on together late in 2019.

In this recorded conversation Inga and Mark discuss how they produced the album during COVID lockdown conditions.

They also explain some of the musical aspects that contribute to the sound healing journey.

These include tunings of A at 432 Hz and C at 528 Hz.

Videos with nature scenes accompanying 2 of the tracks are also included in the video recording on this page at:

11.38 minutes: 'GAIA' 

26.54 minutes: 'Shores of Atlantis'

For more details about 'Incantation' and to get free streaming / downloads of all tracks on the album, click here


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