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Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. Weighted and Unweighted.

biofield meditation muscle tension pain relief tuning forks unweighted tuning forks weighted tuning forks Sep 19, 2021
tuning forks


Tuning forks are beautiful, versatile instruments. 

Their pure frequencies are very powerful when used in sound healing!
Tuning forks fall into two categories. Weighted and unweighted. 

Weighted Tuning Forks

Weighted forks are used on the body. The weights at the top of the forks amplify the vibration  of the fork pushing the vibration down the tines and into the stem of the fork that is placed on the body.

Weighted Tuning Forks 

Unweighted tuning forks

Unweighted tuning forks are used off the body. The look similar to the weighted tuning forks but don't have the weights attached. These forks produce a clear pure sound that is often compared to a lazer in its precision.

They are used either side of the head close to ears or, off the body in the sound biofield or sound energy field.

They can be used in meditation practices to quieten the mind. They are also used off the body, to ease physical pain, and trigger emotional shifts.

In our video below we summarise these two versatile forks that are a great addition to any sound healers toolkit whether it be for personal or client use!
Gráinne Courtis - Demonstrates Weighted and Unweighted Tuning Forks


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