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Mallets and your Bowl

tibetan singing bowls Feb 28, 2022

Your Mallet

Did you know that different mallets create varying sounds? This may seem obvious but it means that you can create many beautiful tones all with one bowl! 

Suede Mallets

Suede mallets often come as standard with your bowl. This mallet is usually wooden and may also be covered in suede material at one end. The mallet is either tapped on the outer wall of the bowl, or rubbed around the outside edge of the bowl in order to make the bowl sing. The suede brings out the bowls deepest tones.

Wool Mallets 

These look similar to the suede mallet but produce a different sound. They bring out the full range of the frequencies of the bowl.

Creating Tones with Mallets that don't rim the bowl

Some mallets are great for striking your bowl!

Gong mallets can also be used to create interesting sounds. They can often isolate the singing bowl’s fundamental, or deepest tone. 

Small mallets with a felt head and rubber head can produce higher sharper tones.


Why not Create your own ?

Mallets covered in cloth will also produce a different sound and can be more personalised.

Our teacher Simone uses various materials to create softer tones by covering driftwood in felt and other materials.


Teacher Simone Meschnig talks about the different mallets she uses when playing her bowls.

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