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Level 2 Diploma: Integral Sound Healing

For Working 1-2-1 With Clients

4 Half-Days

Live Online

Saturday 24th + Sunday 25th October, 2020


Saturday 31st October + 1st November, 2020

Times: 10 am to 2pm each day (GMT+1) 

Plus optional extra 3 days live ‘in the flesh’ workshop, in Glastonbury (Friday 9th - Sunday 11th October). 

With Inga Liljestrom, Associate Teacher & Tutor, Sound Healing Academy

Click here to book Option 1 for £299 Deposit (online only) Click here to book Option 2 for £299 Deposit (additional workshop at Glastonbury)


Our live online workshops involve the following process:

  1. Each half-day live workshop session will start with a live group session on zoom, which will feature teaching, discussions, sharing, questions and answers etc
  2. You'll then be invited to view one or more short online video tutorials focusing on playing techniques for sound healing instruments. You will be sent links for which videos to view during the live zoom sessions.
  3. You'll then practice the techniques demonstrated in the comfort of your home.
  4. You'll then rejoin the teacher and the rest of the group live online on zoom to share your experiences while practicing; ask questions and get further clarification from the teacher.
  5. This process will be repeated a second time in each half-day workshop.
  6. After the 4 half-day live online workshop sessions, you will explore the other resources in our online learning center and complete the workbooks for the course.
  7. You will also have 4 x live 30-minute one-on-one coaching calls with your teacher on zoom.
  8. You will receive a Level 2 Diploma: Integral Sound Healing (1-2-1 Clients) from us when you submit the complete workbook, assuming it's of a good standard. 

As the facilitator of the live-online workshop, Inga will be teaching from her own home, where she has a Sound Healing studio


There is an option of attending in person a 3 day workshop, in Glastonbury (Friday 9th - Sunday 11th October). This will give you hands on practice with other students and give time for you to fine tune techniques we have learnt in the live on-line workshop. This will also allow you to practice instruments, refine skills, receive and give sound healing to one another under supervision, and to try instruments you are interested in.



On this live on-line workshop course, you’ll learn

Unique 10-step healing process

With sounds which transforms an ordinary sound healing session into one that is extra-ordinarily effective and transformative. 

Client Dynamics

The quality of the relationship between you and your clients is critical to the success of the healing process.

Music Medicine

Key musical concepts and techniques that enhance the healing process.

Assessing the energy field

Making accurate assessments of the state of your clients’ energy fields – both physical and subtle.  

Balancing the Biofield

How you can work with therapeutic instruments and your voice to correct distortions in the energy fields of your clients.

Integral Sound Healing

Working with sounds to facilitate healing in all 5 dimensions of consciousness: physical; emotional; mental; soul and spirit.


The Live-on line workshop will take place from 10am to 2pm.

In order for this to take place, an invitation to the Zoom event will be sent to you. You will be required to download Zoom in order to participate in the online workshop.

At 10am we will have our first group call. This may go for an hour.

You will then have an hour to practice, followed by another call. 

We will plan to have 3 calls each day, learning techniques and also asking questions. 


  • You will need a computer with Zoom downloaded ready for the call. 
  • You will need a good internet connection. 
  • You will possibly need to take notes so have pen and paper handy.
  • You will need instruments to practice with.

Integral sound healing can support and be easily integrated into other therapeutic modalities such as massage, osteopathy, chiropractic, nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, acupressure / shiatsu, kinesiology, reiki, reflexology, aromatherapy, emotional field therapy, hypnotherapy, etc….

The Diploma in Integral Sound Healing certifies you to practice with the general public and get full professional indemnity insurance as a Sound Healing Practitioner. We are an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists. This means that you can get professional insurance to practice as a sound healer in most countries.



(A) The 4 Half day Live Online workshop is structured around our unique 10-Step Healing process with sounds which transforms an ordinary sound healing session into one that is extra-ordinarily effective and transformative. We will discuss 2 to 3 steps per day in detail, and then we will practice each step with different instruments. We will also cover contraindications, the importance of grounding, preparing yourself and your therapy room before and after sessions, client dynamics, harmonious and dissonant intervals and their application in sound healing, assessing energy fields, balancing the biofield, self-care, the autonomic nervous system, active and passive sessions with clients and more.


DAY 1 - 

  • Contraindications, permissions, EM in hands
  • 10 Step Healing Process Presentation 
  • Preparing space, and preparing self for session - cleansing, grounding, protection
  • Step 1 Client connection - matching energy and using appropriate instruments
  • Step 2 Setting Intention
  • Step 3 - Assessing Energy
  • Field Dynamics - 5 Layers of consciousness


DAY 2 - 

  • Intervals - relaxing and releasing - how to determine intervals
  • Protocols, triads and use of instruments for healing
  • Step 4 - co- creating resonance - octave and same note
  • Meditation - resonance meaning- merging, becoming one using breath and instruments
  • Step 5 - Triggering relaxation - discussing intervals and use of instruments


DAY 3 -  

  • Self care- toning together as group and Mantra 
  • Releasing - use of dissonance and ‘breaking up’ energy - engaging the client
  • Step 7 Transforming resistance
  • Exploring resistance in ourselves and with clients 
  • Step 8 Reforming - reactivating intention
  • Intention crucible
  • Drumming - Cherokee rhythms


DAY 4 -

  • Step 9 Reflection- for self and sound healing journey with clients
  • Active listening, use of silence and instruments
  • Grounding client. 
  • Step 10 Recommending sound practices for self- healing 
  • 6 Taoist healing sounds
  • Final meditation



The workshop is structured around our unique 10-Step Healing process with sounds which transforms an ordinary sound healing session into one that is extra-ordinarily effective and transformative.  

The 10-Steps are:

  • Client Connection; Intention Setting
  • Assessing Energy Field Dynamics
  • Co-creating Resonance
  • Triggering Relaxation
  • Releasing patterns of ill-health
  • Transforming Resistance to change
  • Reforming new patterns of wellness
  • Reflecting on self and the healing journey
  • Recommending sound practices for self-healing



The quality of the relationship between you and your clients is critical to the success of the healing process.  

We cover the most significant dynamics in this relationship:

  • Building rapport;
  • Active listening,
  • Client engagement & managing energy flows. 


Although the instruments we use to create the healing sounds are easy to play, we teach key musical concepts and techniques that enhance the healing process, including:

  • Natural harmonics and overtones
  • Musical intervals
  • Dynamics of consonance
  • Dissonance
  • Rhythm
  • Amplitude & sensitivity.


To be effective in facilitating positive healing outcomes for your clients you need to make accurate assessments of the state of your clients’ energy fields – both physical and subtle.  

You’ll learn reliable techniques for making these assessments using both sound and muscle testing, based on classic kinesiology.



We teach you how you can work with therapeutic instruments and your voice to correct distortions in the energy fields of your clients, including the biofield (aura), chakras and meridians to achieve harmony, balance and healing.  

You’ll learn effective techniques for working both off and on the body of your clients.

This course also covers the advanced skills and techniques needed to play 6 main instruments:

Tuning Forks

Learn how to heal with different different types of tuning forks on and off the body of clients for healing and rejuvenation.

Tibetan Bowls

Learn to work effectively with Tibetan Singing Bowls to induce relaxation, a calm mind and to balance chakras.

Crystal Bowls

Learn effective techniques for integral sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls, including working with the healing effects of musical intervals and triads.


Learn how help yourself and others with your Healing Voice - humming, toning, chanting, mantras and more..!

Rhythm and Drums

Learn simple, effective techniques to help yourself and others with hand-held frame Drums, including heart / brain entrainment, and working with the Rhythms of elements and directions to balance the chakras.


Learn effective techniques for Integral Sound Healing with Gongs, both hand-held and on stands, using a variety of mallets and flumi. 


Healing is most profound and long-lasting when we adopt integral perspectives and practices.  

We draw on the Integral Medicine models of Amit Goswami, Ken Wilber, Marylin Schlitz and others.  

We work with sounds to facilitate healing in all 5 dimensions of consciousness: physical; emotional; mental; soul and spirit.

Mindful awareness of outer and inner sounds creates a state of deep relaxation and peace.  

We also create the safe conditions for the release, integration and transformation of deeply suppressed, repressed and oppressed emotions that underlie most physical and mental health challenges facing our clients.


4-Half day Live Online Workshop 


Access to our world-class online learning center - so you can revise what we cover in the workshop and learn more!.  

This includes:

  • Over 170 video tutorials
  • Audio tracks
  • Handbooks
  • Workbooks to guide your learning and development


4 x 30-minute personal coaching and mentoring session with your course tutor


Assessment of your workbooks, case studies and practical exam with personal feedback from your course tutor


Printed Certificate: Level 2 Diploma: Integral Sound Healing (1-2-1 Clients) – upon successful completion of all the course and the Assessment Process for the course



GIFT #1:

New course: Sound Healing and the Autonomic Nervous System

VALUE: £260

GIFT #2:

Foundational Wellness Coaching skills and techniques to enhance the effectiveness of the sound healing process.

VALUE: £225

GIFT #3:

5 x live, interactive Webinars and Group Coaching Sessions to support your learning and development, with questions & answers

VALUE: £150

Further information

Course Fee:

OPTION 1 : 4 Half-Day Live Online Workshop + Online Learning Centre +  4 calls of Coaching & Mentoring + Assessment & Certificate + 3 Bonus Gifts:

Price: £999 (deposit £299)


OPTION 2 : 4 Half-Day Live Online Workshop + Online Learning Centre + 4 calls of Coaching & Mentoring + Assessment & Certificate + 3 Bonus Gifts:

WITH additional three days 10am - 5pm in person / in the flesh workshop, in Glastonbury (Friday 9th - Sunday 11th October). 

Venue: The Avalon Centre, Glastonbury. 1 King Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9JX,
United Kingdom

Price: £1199 (deposit £299)


For further information, please contact us:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 01208 873 974

Alternatively, please contact Inga:

Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07482 718328

There are a limited number of places available, and this workshop is likely to sell out.

Secure your place to avoid being disappointed later.

Please note: the deposit is non-returnable and non-transferable.


Inga Liljestrom

Inga is a fully qualified sound practitioner/ healer for 1:1 and group work, having receiving certification from the Sound Healing Academy.

She also works with Pink Rooster, a leading charitable organisation providing music and creative arts to individuals and groups living with dementia and other mental health and physical barriers. ​

Inga has attended gong workshops with gong master Sheila Whittaker, attended workshops with renowned over tone practitioner, Jill Purce, and has studied Biolfield Tuning level 1 and 2 with Eileen McKusick.

In the past she has also studied Reiki level 1 and 2, and tarot. Ina has studied contemporary music majoring in voice, receiving a B.A. with Honours, and through an arts council grant, she studied the Yoik singing style of Sami-land which channels a feeling of place and people.

She brings all of these facets together in what she does now, creating her own version of sound/ music with meditation. Inga's interests lie in the transformative effect of sound and voice on the body, soul, mind and spirit, and the exciting way in which this ancient healing modality is being recognised now in Science and medicine.

Testimonials from Inga's recent Level 2 1-2-1 Workshops

"I am extremely grateful to have found the Sound Healing Academy. The standard of teaching is excellent and the workshops filled with information, fun and enjoyable.

The online course material is abundant and well presented and taught.

The tutors have a wealth of experience both in the use of instruments and in teaching at an informative and high level. Tony has a lot of knowledge to bring to his unique integral approach which makes the SHA syllabus different from other approaches and particularly valuable as a method of sound healing.

At the end of the 1-2-1 course in Integral Sound Healing I feel confident enough to start my own sound healing practice and am contemplating joining the Group Healing course in the future."

Avalon de Cosme

"It was great, it met and exceeded all expectations. Thanks again for your wisdom and for sharing your experience with us. 
Bless! What I enjoyed most of Level 2 was the live session of drumming and finally get some in-depth understanding of Notes and Intervals and the explanation of their effects on clients, the parasympathetic and sympathetic systems. Inga is a great and very patient tutor." 

Carolina Zucchelli

"I truly enjoyed the pace of the sessions. I also thought that your presentation was superb. You kept things moving along without rushing through any of the portions. Lastly, you truly brought everyone together, providing us with a deep sense of comradery. That isn't an easy accomplishment when presented remotely." 

Adam Szwarek

"This course is well designed; explores multi-instruments, provides time to 'explore'- get a feel, listen, encouraging intuition-led practice sessions. I'm leaving feeling I have a fundamental grasp of Healing Sound practices. I felt fully supported throughout."

"This workshop is fantastic and fun! Lots of opportunity to practice and gain valuable feedback! Very inspiring. I have fallen in love with sound all over again!"
" It's been an amazing 5 days, it felt like a great workshop tailored to the group that was present. Nice mix between theory and practicing and experiencing. Inga and Maggie brought so much of their own knowledge in a practical, straight forward way with humour, they created a beautiful space. It was amazing to see their dedication (long hours!) always with a smile and happy to help and answer questions. Really grateful for everything i learned and the healing that took place this week."

"If you are looking for a course tha tis rich in content, delves into the absolute heart and soul of sound healing instruments and guides you to be led by your intuitive wisdom, this this is a course for you. I spent 5 days surrounded by vast talent and i can honestly say the while thing has been deeply enriching."
Lucy Kaufman
"If you are undertaking the program on-line, you will find it an invaluable rich experience to attend a 'live' workshop - to work with experts plus have the treatments oneself."
Dave Russell

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