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Sound Healing 1-2-1
Sound Healing 1-2-1

Level 2 Diploma: Integral Sound Healing
For Working 1-2-1 With Clients

12-month course:
with Live Group Coaching Calls & Online Learning

First pre-workshop coaching call October 6th, 2021

5 Day Workshop Immersion:- Victoria, Australia

Wednesday March 30th – Sunday April 3rd, 2022


Times - Day 1: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Days 2-5: 10am to 4:30pm each day

With Sally Hutchison, Associate Teacher & Tutor, Sound Healing Academy

Greensborough District Masonic Centre, 23 Ester Street, Greensborough, Victoria, 3088, Australia

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With this course, you get a structured online learning process both before and after a 5-day in-person workshop intensive.

This means that you'll learn, practice and develop many advanced sound healing skills before you attend the in-person workshop.  You'll also make strong connections with other people on the course through the live onlline group coaching sessions.  As a result, the workshop will be an extraordinarily deep and powerful learning experience.  The group coaching calls after the workshop will re-kindle connections and fire up your energy to complete the course.

Sally Hutchison Sound Healing Workshop

Online learning

Start date: First zoom coaching call October 6th 2021 (7:30 - 9:00pm). You will also have access to on-line learning centre for this Level 2 course from this date.

In-person workshop

Dates: Wednesday; March 30th – Sunday April 3rd, 2022

Times: Day 1: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Days 2-5: 10:00am to 4:30pm each day

Location: Greensborough District Masonic Centre, 23 Ester Street, Greensborough, Victoria, 3088, Australia

Live group coaching

A series of 4 x 1 hour Group Coaching Calls two before, and two after the in-person workshop, 7:30 - 9:00pm

  • 6th October
  • 13th October
  • 2nd November
  • 1st December


  • Healing is most profound and long-lasting when we adopt integral perspectives and practices. 
  • We draw on the Integral Medicine models of Amit Goswami, Ken Wilber, Marylin Schlitz and others.  
  • We work with sounds to facilitate healing in all 5 dimensions of consciousness: physical; emotional; mental; soul and spirit.
  • Mindful awareness of outer and inner sounds creates a state of deep relaxation and peace.  
  • We also create the safe conditions for the release, integration and transformation of deeply suppressed, repressed and oppressed emotions that underlie most physical and mental health challenges facing our clients.
  • Learn how to work as a professional sound healer working 1-2-1 with clients.
  • Do the work you love, creating healing sounds!
  • Join our next course blending an amazing 5-Day Workshop Intensive with world-class online learning, group coaching and personal tuition! 
Sound Healing - The Unique 10-Step Healing Process


With sounds which transforms an ordinary sound healing session into one that is extra-ordinarily effective and transformative. 

Sound Healing - Client Dynamics


The quality of the relationship between you and your clients is critical to the success of the healing process.

Music Medicine


Key musical concepts and techniques that enhance the healing process.

Balancing The Biolfield


How you can work with therapeutic instruments and your voice to correct distortions in the energy fields of your clients.

Integral Sound Healing


The 5 elements of consciousness: sprit, soul, mind, emotion and body can be integrated holistically with integral sound healing.

Assessing the energy field


Making accurate assessments of the state of your clients’ energy fields – both physical and subtle. 


Testimonials from Sally's Level 2 1-2-1 Workshops

"I studied the multi-instrument Level 1 and the Level 2 Diploma courses with Sally Hutchinson which have been fantastic experiences. After doing some research about the different sound healing trainings available out there, I settled for the ones with the Sound Healing Academy and a combination of online and face-to-face learning with Sally – a decision I haven’t regretted. She is a wonderful, very talented and experienced teacher. Her depth of knowledge and ability to pass this ancient healing modality onto her students are remarkable and I found her teaching methods of high quality and easy to follow. Sally teaches from a space of compassion and heart and has a great sense of humour too!
Studying in a group (face-to-face) was an important aspect to me. The ability to practice with and on each other, the friendships we made and the amazing exchange that happens between people are precious and irreplaceable. Studying in 2020 and 2021 was challenging for everyone, but despite the extraordinary circumstances, our study cohort was offered additional support and Sally went an extra mile to ensure we had the best possible learning experience.
My gratitude goes to Sally and to all my study friends who continue to guide and inspire me on this sound healing journey. I look forward to the many courses and workshops that Sally continues to offer.

Nina Hakamies – Sound Healing Practitioner, Australia

"My tutor, Sally Hutchison has been amazing. I am used to getting a pat on the head and good marks, but Sally always gave me ways to tweak, improve or extend. I felt like she understood me and how I could become better – which is what I always seek to do. I am extremely grateful to have such a dedicated and insightful teacher. Truly exceptional – and in there with my top 3 teachers of my entire life.
Also, on that note, I think I would not have had the same depth of learning without such an outstanding tutor.
The workshop (which we finally got to have some 9 months in, due to COVID) was mind-blowing – and again, enormous kudos to Sally for creating such an incredible workshop for our group – where most of us were near completion. Really fabulously done."

Lucinda Curran

"Having completed level 1 with the Sound Healing Academy in late 2019, last week I attended the 4- day in person workshop which normally begins the Level 2 Diploma. However, this was an unusual group of participants in that half the group had completed most of the online requirements of the diploma course over the previous 10 months due to Covid lockdowns.
While the online component of the course is comprehensive, well organized and clear, for me the workshop was an important adjunct on many levels, super charging and deepening my learning from the outset.
Firstly, it provided the opportunity to ask questions and share experiences, and to bond with participants. It was stimulating and motivating to see what others were up to, and people were generous and open in sharing their ideas, so that we pooled our collective resources.
Secondly, it was an important opportunity to receive immediate feedback about one’s spontaneous practice and corrections to technique. While at home, there may be the tendency to procrastinate, in this live workshop, you were encouraged to just dive in and have a go. There were helpers to scaffold the learning and this provided a huge kick start to my understanding of the “gestalt” or the overall process, which would have taken me a lot longer online.
Sally is a competent and skilled workshop presenter who was adept at improvising interesting activities to consolidate our learning, and address gaps in our knowledge and understanding. My impression was that she could tailor the program to suit our needs, changing direction and content as needed.
Overall, I’m very grateful to have had this fantastic experience, and it has boosted my confidence in continuing my learning of this modality and completing the diploma. For me, it was well worth attending."

Vicki Halik

"I loved our workshop. It was wonderful to spend time connecting with group members in this space, which Sally ‘holds’ beautifully. I gained much more confidence with the techniques and use of the sound instruments. Sally has a wonderful and natural way of teaching. Her amazing voice, mantra and instrument knowledge is so generously shared; with engagement and fun! Thank you for a delightful experience.”
Jane Coates

"Whilst I felt the course overall was well presented, I feel the individual instruction and guidance by my teacher was the difference between how motivated I remained and how well I went. I feel my teacher is exceptional. I also felt that the SHA site moderator was a font of relevant assistance also.

I personally feel that my spiritual confidence and intelligence has grown immensely. I think I can honestly say that at the beginning of Level 2 I would have rated my spiritual intelligence as low, if not at a 0 out of 10. Now I would rate myself at a 6. Whilst this is potentially not a huge difference, for me it is. My spiritual realm, or lack of it has always been something I felt needed work. I have tried on and off for decades to ‘become’ more spiritual, but to no avail.

Having said that, about 8 months into this course I became aware of changes in myself (spiritually), and I believe this has been changing and growing since. For me, having this happen as a result of participating in this course is both pleasing and personally remarkable at the same time."


"Emotionally and mentally I feel that playing the sound instruments have enabled me to rest in my being. To be grounded and centred. They really help clear my mind. I have noticed profound and immediate shifts with my daughters and everyone that I have given the sessions to as well. I love offering sound healing sessions as I also get to enjoy their company and following the 10 elements of the integral sound healing process enables me to also travel to a world of peace and stillness that lies within the core of my being.

Spiritually I feel I have come home! I tear up at just the thought how my whole life has been a lead up to this grand finale discovery of the magic of sound. Sound, vibration, frequency is truly everything. I really truly believe that (sound) energy medicine is the future of medicine and am so excited to be a part of it.

I feel I have come home after studying all sorts of energy medicine and it even appeases my left brained thinking from my training as a physiotherapist. Sound, vibration, frequency is truly everything. It is tangible and the results are immediate for most of the clients I have seen – even if it just a deep rest."



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Tuning Forks


Learn how to heal with different different types of tuning forks on and off the body of clients for healing and rejuvenation.

Tibetan Singing Bowls


Learn to work effectively with Tibetan Singing Bowls to induce relaxation, a calm mind and to balance chakras.

Crystal Singing Bowls


Learn effective techniques for integral sound healing with Crystal Singing Bowls, including working with the healing effects of musical intervals and triads.

Sound Healing with voice


Learn how help yourself and others with your Healing Voice - humming, toning, chanting, mantras and more..!

Rhythm and Drums


Learn simple, effective techniques to help yourself and others with hand-held frame Drums, including heart / brain entrainment, and working with the Rhythms of elements and directions to balance the chakras.

Assessing the energy field


Learn effective techniques for Integral Sound Healing with Gongs, both hand-held and on stands, using a variety of mallets and flumi. 

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5-day Workshop + Online Learning Center + Coaching & Mentoring + Webinar Recordings + Assessment & Certificate + 2 bonus gifts:

Total cost: AUD $2895

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Sally Hutchison

About your teacher: Sally Hutchison

Sally has been involved with music and singing for most of her life. She originally studied ethnomusicology with a special interest in Indian dance and vocal music and Indonesian music.

After many years of teaching and managerial roles in the education sector, several years ago she trained as a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and became fascinated with the ability of the gong to induce a deep state of relaxation that she had never experienced before, as well as the transformative effect of mantra from the Sikh tradition.

She was also involved in the Shanti Mission Harmony Centre for many years and visited Śrī Śaktī Amma Nārāyaṇī’s ashram in India where she learned more about the chanting of Sanskrit mantra in the Hindu tradition.

Sally is passionate about using meditation and sound for healing both on the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

She has also completed Nāda Yoga teacher training in India with Anandra George, an expert on Sanskrit mantra and Vedic chant, practitioner level Biofield Tuning with Eileen McKusick, Master Gong Practitioner Training with Mehtab Benton, Mongolian overtone chanting with Jill Purse and Tibetan mantra and bowls with Lama Tendar.

Several years ago, Sally trained as a Sound Healing Practitioner with the Sound Healing Academy UK and went on to become an associate teacher with the Academy, delivering their courses in Melbourne and regional Victoria, Australia. 

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