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Sound Healing With Tuning Forks

2 Day Immersion

Adelaide, Australia

Saturday 23rd November – Sunday 24th November 2019

Times: 10:00am to 4:00pm each day

Sound Tree Lore, 10 Pioneer Way, Eyre, Adelaide, South Australia, 5121, Australia

With Monique Meredith, Associate Teacher & Tutor, Sound Healing Academy

A Powerful Sound Healing Journey!

Learn advanced skills and techniques to give sound healing, sound therapy, vibrational sound massage and mindfulness meditation with tuning forks!


This hands-on, practical 2-day workshop takes you on a deep dive into sound healing with tuning forks and is ideal for people at all levels of training, skill and experience:

1) If you are new to sound healing with tuning forks, this workshop course will take you quickly through the foundations and onto more advanced skills and techniques. 

When you complete the workbook following the workshop, you will receive a Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Integral Sound Healing with Tuning Forks.                                 

2) If you are taking (or have already taken) our Level 1 multi instrument course either online or with a workshop, you will learn advanced tuning fork skills and techniques not covered in that course.

3) If you are taking (or have already taken) our Level 2 multi instrument course either online or with a workshop, you will have the opportunity to refresh and practice the advanced tuning fork skills and techniques that are covered in that course.

If you have taken either our Level 1 or Level 2 courses, by attending this workshop you will be awarded a pass (what we call a 'Credit') for the Tuning Fork Module in our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma. 

This means that you will not have to complete the Tuning Fork workbook in the Level 2 multi instrument course, if you take it.  You will still need to complete the other Modules and Case Studies in the Level 2 curriculum.

To join this workshop course, please select one option from the choices below:-

Course Fee

The Course Fee Covers:

2-day Workshop + Online Learning Centre + Coaching & Mentoring + Assessment + Personal Feedback + Level 1 Certificate or Level 2 Module Credit

Price: $395 (deposit $119)

The course fee does not include instruments, accommodation or meals. We are happy to provide details of local places to stay and eat.

Please note: the deposit is non-returnable and non-transferable.

For further information, please contact us:
Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, please contact Monique:

Email: [email protected]

 Tel: 0449 982 264

There are a limited number of places available, and this workshop is likely to sell out.

Secure your place to avoid being disappointed later.


Explore the Healing Power of Sounds for working both 1-2-1 with Clients and with Groups!


Overview; benefits of working with tuning forks; types of tuning forks; techniques for working with tuning forks both 1-2-1 with clients and with Groups of people (for example in sound baths).


Musical intervals; harmonising and releasing techniques; assessing imbalances in clients; treatment options and protocols; practice sessions with tuning forks.  

What people are saying about Monique's workshops:

“Monique has a true gift. Her unique ability to combine knowledge, intuition and skill makes her sessions powerful, transformative, and most of all, effective.”

Hailey Adams

“I encourage you to be open to Sound Healing and the benefits you will gain from it. Monique is a great person, a great teacher, and a great healer. I’m very happy.”

Sarah Condo

“You can tell by Monique’s ability to guide us through the sessions, the way she works with sound and her great wisdom, that she knows what she’s doing. I’ve learned so much from her.”

Grace Lacey

“Powerful and transcendental. I’ve learnt to love myself again, to deeply relax and to heal. Monique is a beautiful, nurturing soul who emanates love and light"

Sue Glaetzer

"Thoroughly enjoyed the course as an introduction to all sound healing modalities. A lot of this was new to me and it was structured in a way that made sense and was easy and fun to participate"

Amber Roberts

"So enjoyed the course! Have learnt so much...thank you.."

Catherine Rose

"I have been blown away by this experience. I had no idea what to expect and have been totally overwhelmed. I have felt things shift and move in myself and gained confidence in connecting with others."

Vicki Billing

This course is ideal for:-

Holistic therapists and healers, bodyworkers, energy medicine practitioners, psychotherapists, counsellors, nurses, doctors, yoga and meditation teachers, musicians, plus anyone else wanting to work with healing sounds.

Course Content

2- Day Workshop

On this intensive, you'll dive deeply into the healing vibrations of Tuning Forks!

You'll spend 2 days in an interactive learning environment, with talks and demonstrations from an expert teacher combined with hands-on practice sessions with the tuning forks.

You'll learn the knowledge, skills and techniques to work effectively with tuning forks in sound healing with individual clients and in groups.

You'll also learn advanced techniques that you can integrate into an existing therapy or healing practice.

By the end of the intensive you'll have the confidence to immediately start working at a high-level with Tuning Forks.

We provide the instruments needed for the training so you do not need to bring any to the workshop.

Dates: Saturday 23rd November – Sunday 24th November 2019

Times: 10:00am to 4:00pm each day

Location: Sound Tree Lore, 10 Pioneer Way, Eyre, Adelaide, South Australia, 5121, Australia

Day 1

  • Overview: Healing with tuning forks
  • Benefits of working with tuning forks
  • Identifying areas of application
  • Types of tuning forks – weighted & unweighted forks
  • Types of mallets and activators
  • Understanding and working with the whole body tuning fork set
  • Understanding and working with the mid-OM weighted tuning fork
  • Techniques for working with forks ON the body to give a vibrational massage and OFF the body to facilitate healing in the bio-sound field
  • Techniques for working with forks in Groups (for example sound baths)
  • Practice sessions with tuning forks

Day 2

  • Introduction to the musical intervals and their healing effects
  • How to stimulate the healing effects of musical intervals with tuning forks - harmonising and releasing techniques
  • The Harmonic series of tuning forks – working with musical intervals and specific protocols to deal with health challenges
  • The OTTO series of tuning forks - benefits and applications
  • Working with tuning forks and the power of intent and visualisation
  • Techniques for assessing imbalances in clients
  • Treatment options and protocols
  • Practice giving and receiving a full resonant sound healing with tuning forks

On each day of this practical, hands-on workshop course there will be some gentle warm-up exercises and a sound bath meditation.

You will have the opportunity to practice the techniques taught in the workshop.

What You Will Get:-

2-Day Workshop With Expert Tuition Plus World-Class Online Learning Center


This hands-on workshop will give you plenty of time to practice playing Tuning Forks for healing.

The aim is for you to gain the ability and confidence to play the tuning forks effectively using a wide range of techniques.


The workshop provides the practical skills training of the course.  Before and after the workshop, you'll get access to our world-class online learning center.

This provides the background knowledge of sound healing with Tuning Forks. 

The video tutorials also cover the techniques taught on the workshop, so you can revise what's been covered and develop your skill!  

The online learning center includes:

  • 25 video tutorials
  • Audio recording
  • Handbook
  • Workbook to guide your learning and development after the workshop


1 x 30-minute personal coaching and mentoring session with your course tutor 


Assessment of your workbook with personal feedback from your course tutor (for people new to sound healing with tuning forks)


PDF Certificate: Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing With Tuning Forks – upon successful completion of the 2-Day Workshop and the Workbook for the course


Credit for the tuning fork Module in our Level 2 Diploma course

What you need to do and the timeframe:-

For people new to sound healing with tuning forks:

To qualify with our Level 1 Foundation Certificate, you must attend both days of the workshop and complete and return the course workbook.

This involves carrying out some practice exercises plus 3 sound healing sessions and answering a few questions that test your knowledge. 

You have 3 months to do this, although you can complete the course more quickly if you wish.

You will need to have the Harmonic Spectrum and Otto sets to complete the workbook. You can buy high quality tuning forks from us.

For people who have joined our Level 1 and / or Level 2 course:

To qualify for the Level 2 Credit, you must attend both days of the workshop and complete the practice sessions to a high standard.

Please note that taking this 2-day workshop does not qualify you to work as a professional sound healing practitioner with Tuning Forks.  

However, having taken this workshop course, you will be able to join one of our Level 2 Diploma courses.


About Monique

Monique Meredith is a fully qualified and registered Sound Healing Practitioner, Counsellor, Arts Therapist, Sandplay Therapist & Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner with more than 20 years’ experience in her practice. She brings her personal passion for the arts and music together with her professional expertise in health and education, to be in service of wellbeing for all people.

Integrating medicinal, ecological, evidence-based and educational methods with traditional healing knowledge, Monique’s therapeutic practice is healing, intuitive, expressive, creative & soulful. She works with mindfulness in an integrative, holistic and person-centred way toward your self-realisation and wellbeing.

Monique’s interest in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual human potential has led her to travel the world, exploring and studying ancient wisdom, modern science, culture and humanity. She has worked with leaders in the fields of psychology, medicine, education, health, healing, music and the arts. She currently lectures and operates a well-established professional practice in Adelaide, South Australia.

Monique maintains a dedicated personal daily sound and music-based practice alongside her professional Sound Healing work:

“I believe my role as a Sound Healing Practitioner and Educator is to help you gain not only the knowledge and skills, but also a deeper wisdom so that you may grow, heal, build resilience and empower yourself through self-healing with inner resources for life.”  


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