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About Inga

Inga is a fully qualified sound practitioner/ healer for 1:1 and group work, having receiving certification from the Sound Healing Academy.

She also works with Pink Rooster, a leading charitable organisation providing music and creative arts to individuals and groups living with dementia and other mental health and physical barriers. ‚Äč

Inga has attended gong workshops with gong master Sheila Whittaker, attended workshops with renowned over tone practitioner, Jill Purce, and has studied Biolfield Tuning level 1 and 2 with Eileen McKusick.

In the past she has also studied Reiki level 1 and 2, and tarot. Inga has studied contemporary music majoring in voice, receiving a B.A. with Honours, and through an arts council grant, she studied the Yoik singing style of Sami-land which channels a feeling of place and people.


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She also has interests in Shamanism, and has completed courses with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies, and with The Four Winds

Inga is one half of the duo called Täyu, who released an album in 2020 called "Incantation", along with guitarist Mark, who also does IT/tech support, Video and Audio work for the Sound Healing Academy.

For this, she uses the name Myriad.

She brings all of these facets together in what she does now, creating her own version of sound/ music with meditation. Inga's interests lie in the transformative effect of sound and voice on the body, soul, mind and spirit, and the exciting way in which this ancient healing modality is being recognised now in Science and medicine.

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