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Sound Healing Practitioner - Yana Mosolova - Murmansk, Russia

Yana - Sound Healing in Russia
Sound Therapy in Russia
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About Yana

Yana is an associated tutor at the Sound Healing Academy in Russia. She is a practitioner of sound healing. Together with husband Evgeniy she created a studio "EcoZvuk" (it means "Ecological Sound"), and there they conduct individual and group sessions, sound journeys, practice of Yoga-Nidra, and workshops.

"I started to engage in sound healing practices in 2013 when I met an amazing shamanic instrument -the jew's-harp (in Russian - vargan or khomus). Playing on the vargan opened new inner feelings and sensations, intuition, awareness and creative ability in me, a new world of music. I began to explore my body, energy, mind and consciousness, and I understood my destiny, that I should help other people. I started to study Sound and Vibration, so I joined the Academy of Sound Healing"

Additionally, Yana studies Ayurveda, because this ancient holistic science is also based on the concept of vibration (mantras, forms of bioenergy). This expands the possibilities in counselling clients and enhances the effectiveness of the integral approach in sound healing.

Yana Mosolova

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Murmansk, Russia






Level 1 Foundations of Integral Sound Healing (Multi Instrument)

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Level 2: Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing Multi-Instrument Course (1-2-1 Clients)

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Sound Healing Academy Practitioner
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