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Dr. Aria Thomé holds a Level 2 Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing from the Academy of Sound Healing as well as a Doctorate in Sacred Music, with an emphasis in choral music, vocal pedagogy, and choral conducting. Her academics, classical voice training and sound studies included extensive study and implementation of shamanic, African, Scandinavian, and other world chanting practices, focusing on their practical therapeutic properties and their use in one on one sound healing sessions.

She recently completed her advanced diploma in Level 2 Tuning Forks to add to her Practitioner Diploma, giving her advanced knowledge and skills in the field of sound healing These include the use of Himalayan and crystal bowls, chimes, Balinese bells and mantras, tuning forks, the voice, and gongs with their associated mantras to create healing experiences. Throughout her career she has done extensive ethnomusicological research in the realm of Gregorian Chant, Western Plainchant, Byzantine, and Judeo-Christian psalmody practices. She has also studied Torah cantillation and presently studies privately Carnatic (South Indian) singing.

Her training and experience allow her to help facilitate healing through the medium of sound. She is currently studying to become a shamanic practitioner with particular emphasis and interest in its vocal components. She is near completion of her studies to become a certified teacher of Sanskrit mantra through and Saraswati Publications. Through Shraddha Yoga, she is completing her training in Vedic chanting.

Aria continues her sound healing practice through her company, AriaSound108, and is an adamant proponent of helping everyone to use their voice confidently as an instrument of self-healing.

Aria Thome

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