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Sound Healing Teacher - María Castells Arrosa - Lake Atitlán, Guatemala

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Maria Castells Arrosa - Sound Healing in the Canaries

About Maria

Maria is based on Lake Atitlán, Guatemala. She joined our teaching  team in February 2021.

After being a lawyer and helping to promote Access to Justice for Indigenous People for many years, I changed my path. My journey as a therapist began in 1998 when I had a healing experience with Bach Flowers and learned how to detox my body from everyday food that was not good for me.

Healing on all levels physical, mental, emotional and spiritual was the beginning of my training. In 2006, I became a therapeutic massage therapist which was a tool that helped me improve the physical, mental and emotional health of others. Then I studied to become a Reiki Master which gave me an understanding of emotional balancing , non-physical healing and energy work. 

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After having worked with the Bach Flowers for many years as a self-taught learner, I decided to become a Registered Practitioner with the Bach Center in England to complete my work with the flowers. I also received an introductory course in Acupuncture for pain relief, emotional balancing and strengthening the immune system. I was trained in Acupressure Mastery to use more acupressure in the treatments.

Back in 2016 I had my first training in Sound Healing in a Retreat based on sound to help heal the body. Since then I use sound in almost all the therapies. I work more with Sound Healing.

I did Level I training with the Sound Healing Academy and then the Level II Sound Healing for Groups. This brought me to another level of my work with Sound and I now dedicate more and more to this part of the work I do with people.

I do weekly Sound Healing ceremonies and have some people that I help to connect with sound healing instruments that they want to use. I love to do group work on voice activation. I finished my training as a Naturopath in 2020 to have a better knowledge of the human body in all its forms. I love to teach and share my knowledge with more and more people. 

I have lived in Lake Atitlán, Guatemala for the last 20 years, I love to work for the community and collaborate in development projects. I have a passion for Permaculture and have a land were I am learning and connecting with the earth. I like to work with creativity and hands as a painter, poetry writer and knitter.

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