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Level 1 Certified: Foundations of Integral Sound Healing

How you'll benefit from this course:-

  • You'll feel confident working with sound healing instruments and your voice, so you can HELP YOURSELF AND OTHERS
  • If you want to work as professional sound healer with insurance, you'll be able to progress onto our Level 2 Diploma when you've successfully completed this Level 1 course.

What you'll learn on this course:-

  • how sound healing works - the science, art and spirit of sound healing
  • how to work effectively with easy-to-play sound healing instruments and your voice
  • foundational sound healing skills and techniques for working both off-body and on-body

What you'll get when you join this course:-

  • access to our our online learning center with over 50 video tutorials; 6 audio downloads; 56 page handbook; workbook and other great learning resources - equivalent to 4 day training intensive 
  • 1 x live 30-minute personal coaching session from a top sound healer 
  • your questions answered in 2 x 1-hour live webinars with senior members of our team
  • Opportunity to join our Facebook support group to share experience and get questions answered in our global sound healing community 
  • Assessment of your workbook, with personal feedback 
  • Our coveted Level 1 Foundation Certificate in Sound Healing
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.  If you don't love it, you get a full refund!

Key Information

  • To qualify with our Level 1 Certificate you will be required to complete and return a workbook within 3 months of starting. This involves doing 3 practice sound healing sessions with your family or friends, plus a few other exercises to guide your learning.
  • To do this, you are required to have a minimum set of instruments comprising 3 tuning forks - 2 whole body tuners (notes C & G) and one weighted Om tuning fork, a Tibetan singing bowl and a shaker. You are welcome to also include other sound instruments if you have them.

Starter Kits

Please contact the Sound Therapy Shop if you have any questions on kits: [email protected]

Testimonials from our students...

"I really enjoyed this course and found it to be clear, easy to follow, and full of useful and illuminating information. I'm really happy that I decided to enrol in this course and I feel like now I have a complete basic understanding of sound therapy. I have already started to integrate these instruments in my daily singing and DJing practice, so that I can create and record powerful sound journeys."

~ Silvia (Milan, Italy)

"I loved this course, and found it so important to enrich my own learning as a meditation teacher and soul-work coach. I feel sound healing is such an important component of meditation, and know there are a lot of people who can get into that meditative state faster with sound healing than they can with a guided or unguided meditation, so it is an integral piece of the puzzle to assist the collective to achieve higher consciousness. I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to take it!"

~ Ashlie Allen (Iowa, USA)

"I think this course is great! I have learned heaps. Tony Nec is a brilliant teacher, Jane is too, and the support staff and faculty are fabulous. I really love the way Tony breaks up the material into small bite-size easy-to-understand and digest packages – video and written – it is the way I learn very quickly, and as a teacher myself, I know that most people do as well. It is not tiring, because you are able to learn at your own pace and because the segments are relatively short, a student is able to learn quickly and move on quickly through the course. Tony has a wonderful gift with his way of teaching and explaining things clearly and succinctly, and all in a very pleasant and friendly manner. I feel I know him quite well now!

~ Peter Morley (Rockingham, Western Australia.)

The Sound Healing Academy provides world-class sound healing training at affordable prices.

In this exclusive program, you'll learn foundational skills and techniques for working with 6 easy-to-play sound healing instruments: 

  • Tibetan (Himalayan) singing bowls
  • Crystal singing bowls
  • Tuning forks
  • Gongs
  • Hand-held 'shamanic' drums
  • Your healing voice