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Deep Dive With Sound Healing Intervals And Triads

tibetan singing bowls Apr 24, 2022
sound healing triads

Diving Deeper with Musical Intervals

At practitioner level we move beyond “how to” instructions for playing your instruments and dive deeper into our tried and proven Integral Sound Healing method for long lasting effects on health and wellness.

We also create the safe conditions for the release, integration and transformation of suppressed emotions that underlie many physical and mental health challenges facing our clients.

One method that we focus on when creating these physical and emotional shifts in our clients is the use of sound healing intervals and triads



What is a musical interval ?

An interval is the distance measured in pitch between two tones. The interval can be created by playing two notes at the same time, or one after the other. This combination of notes can have a truly profound effect on our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.


Harmonising and Dissonant sounds

Different combinations of notes can have a very different effect on the body. Intervals can be harmonising or dissonant in sound. Harmonizing intervals have a relaxing effect on the body and bring it into balance. Dissonant intervals can sound uncomfortable but serve a purpose in shifting stagnant energy and bringing up unresolved emotions in the body.



Advanced Techniques: Healing Triads

Healing triads are created when you introduce a third bowl. The combination of 3 bowls can truly take a sound healing session to another level and create major shifts for the client.


Client Demonstration

In the video below principal Tony Nec demonstrates intervals and triads with a client in a short sound healing session. 

He demonstrates:

  • The harmonizing interval of a 5th with a C and G
  • The balancing Octave interval , the Low C and high C
  • The C Major Triad, C E G
  • The D minor Triad A F D
  • The high B and C dissonant interval
  • The interval of a 4th with a C and F


To learn what profound effects each of these protocols has on the body do watch the video in full!

These advanced techniques and more are taught on our Level 2 Practitioner course with Clients


Sound Healing Academy principal Tony Nec 

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