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Man holding a mallet and beating a large gong, seeing his reflection on it
Woman holding a weighted tuning fork on a man's upper back during a workshop course
Woman holding a weighted tuning fork on a man's upper back during a workshop course

In-Person Sound Healing Training Courses

With our world-class training courses, you can learn valuable sound healing skills and have a transformational, life-changing experience

We are the NUMBER 1 Sound Healing and Sound Bath Training group globally for quality, choice, variety, and value for money, offering online courses and in-person workshops on 4 continents

What Makes Us Special

Our unique method of Integral Sound Healing is easy to learn, powerful, and effective

  • Great for self-care, working 1-2-1 with people, and working in groups during sound or gong baths
  • With our certified sound healing training courses, you can qualify as a professional sound healer, or integrate advanced sound healing techniques into your existing practice
  • Our training is ideal for people who have never used sound healing instruments, as well as those with experience including massage therapists, holistic health practitioners, yoga and meditation teachers, psychotherapists, physicians, nurses, musicians, singers, and anyone keen to learn how to work with healing sounds
  • We offer Integral Sound Healing Training with certification for sound baths, sound therapy, massage, yoga, and meditation

  • The courses cover: tuning forks for healing, gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, voice, drums, and much more

What Our Students Say

"This sound healing training course is the most comprehensive, well-structured, well-organised, thoughtfully designed course on the planet, as I had researched extensively on Google before I decided to enrol in it. Upon completion of the course, I can say that it totally matches my initial expectation about it. I have learned a lot. I have connected with good teachers and classmates. Just very aligned to go on this path in my life journey. Let’s rock the planet!" - Tsun-kan Wan (Ken)

"I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in sound healing. The teacher was really knowledgeable on the material. The structure and flow of the class was full of fun activities with lots of instruments.” - Cherokee H.

“A well thought-out and organised course. I feel I have a great foundation knowledge of sound healing and look forward to attending more Sound Healing Academy courses.” - Allie

"It was a moving experience, both physically and emotionally! I learned about an amazing variety of sound instruments & how to use them effectively for the benefit of self and others. I also met a great group who are excited about sharing these healing techniques to family and friends!" - Gale


We also run Live Online Sound Healing Courses, which you can attend from anywhere via Zoom

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Sound Healing Training Workshops running in New Zealand

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Tried and Proven

We've been providing professional training since 2003 to students and practitioners in over 70 countries worldwide.

Our unique Integral Sound Healing process is proven to be a highly effective form of vibrational energy medicine.

We are an approved training provider with the International Institute For Complementary Therapists (IICT).

When you qualify with one of our Integral Sound Healing Practitioner Diplomas, you can get professional indemnity insurance to work in most countries worldwide.