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Self and Communal Healing by Vocalizing Chakra Toning Sounds While Dancing in Raves and Parties

chakras healing voice science of sound healing Nov 15, 2021
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Rona Geffen is a sound healer, musician, artist and sound researcher who incorporates Sound Healing methodology into her work and sound research.

Rona Geffen


Rona is a graduate of our Level 2 Diploma in Integral Sound Healing. She has also studied vibrational acupuncture sound healing with planetary calibrated tuning forks according to Acutonics method (IL, USA), and healing with singing bowls at the International Academy of Sound Healing (NYC).

In the video recording, we spoke about her latest research in Chakra Toning Sounds (CTS) and how it effects us and those around us, specifically when used spontaneously.

Her research shows that the type of sounds people use spontaneously are in line with the seven CTS system that we study at the Sound Healing Academy. (Figure 1)
While dancing in raves and parties people tend to spontaneously vocalize vowels which accurately resemble what is commonly known as Chakra Toning Sounds. This sonic observation raises the hypothesis that people instinctively and intuitively heal themselves by balancing and activating their own chakras with their voice.
To test and verify this hypothesis a survey was conducted in which 96 participants were asked to share their experience about the voices they produce and hear in raves and parties while dancing. The majority of participants reported to use their voice and hear others use their voice with Chakra Toning Sounds.
An interesting observation suggests that a communal effect is created by this action, in which self healing informs and encourages communal (group) healing, possibly underlying collaborative and collective healing.

The findings of this study suggest that people who listen to music and dance together in raves and parties, intuitively use their voice with CTS to heal themselves by balancing and activating their chakras, an action which seems to create an effect of group healing among participants.


Chakra Toning System

The table below shows the association between the chakras and tones in the CTS plus other associations.  

The 7 chakra system and our nervous system activity

The physical location of most chakras coincides with the endocrine system and major nervous plexi, and thus could be related to hormonal activity in our bodies and its related nervous system activity - see below...

The full study will be published in the internationally peer reviewed Journal for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine. The Interdisciplinary Society for Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine (ISQRMM) is an interdisciplinary organization approaching music and medicine from a variety of perspectives. 
 View the full talk with Rona Gefen here 


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