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Sound Healing And Your Holistic Practice

holistic therapies Mar 26, 2022


Using Sound Healing to Complement your Holistic Practice 

Sound healing can amplify and complement many holistic therapies.

It can be used as:

  • a diagnostic tool
  • a tool for relaxation
  • a tool for inspiration
  • a tool for massage
  • a tool for emotional release

Many complementary therapists are now using sound healing alongside their existing therapies.

In our new blog series we speak to holistic practitioners who are using sound healing to do just that.


Samantha Jane Ronalds

Sound Healing Academy student Samantha Jane Ronalds set up her holistic business in 2015. She felt it was a natural progression to then study Level 1 and a Diploma with the Sound Healing Academy in 2019, as sound healing had such a powerful and positive impact on her own health.


Samantha Jane Ronalds at her studio combining sound and crystal healing 


Weaving sound healing through different modalities

When speaking to us recently about how sound healing enhances her treatments she stated that;  “sound healing is the thread that weaves my sessions of reiki and crystal energy, past-life hypnosis and intuitive art together. They blend together perfectly as each modality helps my client connect with their mind, body and spirit in an empowering way. Sound enhances the flow of hands-on healing energy in a remarkable way and clients report experiencing a deeply relaxed hypnotic state more quickly, where they can access and integrate relevant memories from past lives and soul timelines."

Sound Healing and Crystal Reiki

She has found that Sound Healing and Crystal Reiki are a "perfect combination to gently release the energetic imprint of traumatic experiences in a way that complements and transcends psychological counselling"

Her clients have reported significant shifts in their physical, emotional and mental health after just one session. 

Sound Healing and Intuitive Art

In her Art and Sound Healing sessions Samantha uses her Synesthetic (a visual) response to sound as her inspiration. She sees sound as colour and geometric shapes, which she then translates into paintings on canvas and Buffalo Drums.

"Sound healing amplifies my ability to channel Reiki and Crystal energy and opens a gateway to creativity, making it easier to meditate and connect with inner guidance"


Artwork created by Samantha during an Intuitive Art session


Holistic practitioner Samantha Jane Ronalds shares her sound healing journey with us

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