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Sound Healing And Your Massage Therapy Practice

massage therapy Apr 16, 2022
Sound Healing Academy Tibetan bowl massage

Sound Healing Academy student and licensed massage therapist Peggy Renshaw, turned to sound healing after experiencing a "major emotional shift" during a Himalayan bowls and tuning forks session.

The sound healing she received was part of an acupuncture treatment and, it wasn’t until years later that she realized that she could also incorporate sound healing into her own practice and achieve the same results!

Introducing Sound Healing To Clients

Peggy has introduced sound healing to her clients and found it to be "a wonderful tool to open up a conversation about the science and benefits of this type of work."

During her treatments, she uses sound healing in a variety of ways, namely, relaxation and pain relief.

Through the use of our Sound Healing Academy relaxation protocol, Peggy has noted that with some of her clients who might struggle to relax, this approach really helps them drop down and switch off their busy minds before the massage therapy session begins.

She also uses her weighted tuning forks to work on trigger points in the muscles and provide pain relief for her clients.

Progressing To Being A Sound Healing Practitioner

Peggy has now progressed onto our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma Course and said that the Integral Sound Healing (ISH) method taught by The Sound Healing Academy was one of the main reasons she chose to dive deeper.

"It aligns very much with my philosophy of the healing arts, where I recognize that I, as the practitioner, do not heal my clients, but rather I just help them get their body/mind/spirit aligned, whilst working properly so that it can do it’s job and heal itself."

 Peggy Renshaw - Tuned In Wellness Florida, USA



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