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Activate Your Chakras With Bija Mantras

chakras mantra Dec 12, 2021
Bija Mantras

What is a Bija Mantra?

In Sanskrit, “bija” translates to “seed.”

The Bija Mantras are one syllable sounds that help activate the chakras .

In our video below Becky demonstrates how we can activate the Third Eye Chakra by toning "OM".

What are the Benefits of toning Bija Mantras?

  • balance the chakras 
  • access to higher consciousness 
  • cultivate health and inspiration
  • regulate our heart rate
  • help ease anxiety and stress

Bija Mantras and the Chakras



How do I activate my chakras with Bija Sounds?

To activate your chakra:

  • breathe deeply into your body
  • bring awareness to the chakra
  • tone the bija mantra



Birmingham based teacher Becky Cresswell  shares how Bija mantras can tone the chakras



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