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Body Awareness and Sound Healing

body awareness chakras science of sound healing Apr 26, 2021



Conny Blunt is a consultant anaesthetist in the National Health Service (NHS) in England, and a graduate of our Level 2 Diploma in Integral Sound Healing. 


                Conny Blunt


Conny has recently joined the team leading our European teacher development.

She works as a consultant anaesthetist in the NHS, and more recently has worked
on the intensive care unit with ventilated Covid patients.
In the video recording above we spoke about how sound healing is an effective tool in teaching us body awareness.
Body awareness helps us spot physiological imbalances early. This allows us to take control of our health by making simple lifestyle changes to prevent disease.
Our main organs, the heart, brain and gut are electrically active organs surrounded by networks of nerves and blood vessels like spaghetti junctions. These are high energy intensity focus points and radiate energy fields. We can feel these as chakras.

The Chakra System and our Emotional Health

The table below shows the 7 main points of energy intensity in the body and how they correspond to physical counterparts in our anatomy.


How can Body awareness help us in our day to day life?

With body awareness we can learn how to find our feel-good reference point and enjoy all the happy emotions that come with it, contentment, passion, clarity of thinking etc. Even if again and again we get knocked off balance body awareness can help us restore it. It can also build resilience and provide the best armour to face life’s challenges when life gets tough.
Conny advocates for using sound healing to facilitate body awareness, thus allowing us to pursue a healthy and holistic lifestyle at work and at home. 

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