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Discover The Healing Power Of Sound - With Lesley Turski

Oct 11, 2023
Sound healer working with Tibetan singing bowls on client

In this fast-paced life filled with modern amenities, it can appear on the surface that we have everything that we need to thrive; however, we must break beyond what is easily seen and go deeper.  

In this blog post, we will look at the healing power of sound and how you can begin your sound healing journey!

How Sound Healing Works

Trauma and chronic stress are the underlying cause of most physical and mental health conditions. In 2019, The World Health Organization identified that 1 out of every 8 people worldwide have a mental health condition, including anxiety disorders (301 million) and depression (280 million).  And those numbers rose by roughly 28% in 2020. 

Sound healing offers a non-invasive solution to not only dealing with the symptoms of anxiety and depression but also focuses on transformation to new levels of peace and wellness.

Integral sound healing utilizes a variety of instruments and frequencies where clients can actively engage in their healing process. Sound healing integrates ancient wisdom, modern science, art, music, and alchemy of healing while treating the whole person instead of focusing on individual symptoms. 

The power of sound healing also comes from the ability to work on-body and off-body, combining deep, physical vibrations on specific points of the body with transforming the energy surrounding the body.  

Both on-body and off-body techniques allow us to develop treatment plans to help clients achieve mental and physical healing. As a result, we can use the healing power of sound to help facilitate a healing outcome while supporting individuals on their journey. 

The 10-Step Process Of Our Integral Sound Healing Method

At The Sound Healing Academy, we have developed a unique 10-step process that allows our practitioners to guide clients through intention setting, release, and transformative healing.

We’ve recently chatted with Lesley Turski, a member of our support team and SHA sound healing practitioner about the benefits of using our integral sound healing process with her clients.

One of Lesley’s clients was dealing with anxiety and stress due to work and relationship issues, so using our 10-step process, she developed a treatment plan for her client.

“After my initial assessment, I decided to work with the Tibetan Singing bowls to break up stuck energy and my Crystal Alchemy Singing Bowls to replenish and provide harmony and balance.”

After conducting several sessions with this client, Lesley saw significant healing outcomes.  

“The client had a deep state of relaxation, profound peace, and a deep understanding that everything would be alright, and recognised the importance of making time every day for small acts of self-care. I also provided her with some sound activities to incorporate into her daily acts of self-care.”

Using the 10-step healing process was critical for Lesley as she worked with her client on her journey towards healing.

“The method allowed the client to disconnect from external pressures and reconnect with herself. Leaving her in a state of peace, harmony and balance and providing her with resources to support her daily.”

Lesley also applied this 10-step process with a client suffering with hip and knee pain. 

“Immediately after and for a few days following her treatment, she experienced significant improvement in her level of discomfort and ability to walk without a limp. She continues to receive regular treatments to support her pain relief. The method allowed for a holistic approach, supporting the release of stuck energy and pain and replenishing the treated areas with harmonizing intervals, providing harmony, balance, and equilibrium. Following this method results in successful client outcomes every time!”

Check out our interview with Lesley on YouTube for more!

Begin Your Sound Healing Journey

Whether you have a background in sound healing, music, alternative healing, or no experience at all, you can learn to use healing sounds to make a difference in people’s lives.

Beginning with our Level 1 Certified Sound Healing Courses, you can gain an understanding of how to use a variety of sound healing instruments for positive transformation. The Level 1 Certified Course provides a solid foundation to sound healing, and a great way to work with friends and family.

To further advance your studies, or to become a professional sound healing practitioner, you can move on to our Level 2 Diploma Sound Healing Courses. Passing the assessment in a Level 2 Course and receiving your sound healing practitioner diploma will give you the confidence you need to operate professionally, the tools to grow your business, and the qualifications for insurance.

If you have any questions, you can email us at [email protected], and our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have to help you begin your journey with the healing power of sound!



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