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Elevate Your Practice: Group Sound Healing For Yoga, Meditation & Sound Baths

Jul 09, 2024
Group Sound Healing For Yoga, Meditation & Sound Baths

In the modern world, where stress and anxiety are increasingly prevalent, the need for holistic and integrative healing methods is more important than ever. 

One of the most popular methods that has been gaining popularity is integral sound healing, particularly in group settings like yoga classes, meditation gatherings, and sound baths. If you're passionate about wellness and looking to elevate your practice, becoming a certified sound healing practitioner could be your next step! 

This blog will explore why you might choose this path, its benefits, and how you can reach your full potential through our Level 2 Diploma Course For Working In Groups at The Sound Healing Academy. We are also talking to one of our associate teachers, Becky Cresswell, about her experience of becoming a sound healer for groups and hearing her advice and recommendations for anyone interested in pursuing the same path.

What Is A Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a group sound healing and meditative experience in which participants are "bathed" in sound waves produced by various instruments, such as singing bowls, gongs, chimes, and tuning forks

These instruments create a range of frequencies and vibrations that envelop the listener, promoting relaxation, healing, and well-being. Sound baths are very special experiences, where people can expect: 

  • Deep Relaxation

The harmonious sounds and vibrations produced during a sound bath can induce deep relaxation, helping to calm the mind and reduce stress. Participants often find themselves in a meditative state, even if they have difficulty meditating in silence.

A study carried by Dr. Gayatri Gurvendra found that sound baths reduced stress and anxiety for women, as evidenced by the change in their brain waves.

  • Healing Effects

Sound baths promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing. The instruments' vibrations can help release tension, reduce pain, and improve overall energy flow within the body.

You can find out more from an article by Tamara L. Goldsby, who studied the positive effects of sound baths on mood, emotional, and spiritual healing.

  • Accessibility

Unlike other meditation or therapeutic practices, sound baths require no special skills or preparation from participants. Anyone can lie down or sit comfortably and experience the benefits!

Joshua Goldman and Alec W. Sims, in their 2015 book “Sound Healing for beginners – using vibration to harmonize your health and wellness”, describe sound as the “gateway” into energy healing as “everyone can hear or feel vibrations”, making it more accessible than other healing modalities.

  • Enhanced Meditation

Sound baths can deepen the experience of those who practice meditation. The sound waves can help quiet the mind more effectively than silence alone, making it easier to achieve a meditative state.

In another one of Tamara L. Goldsby's studies, she explores the impacts of sound meditation on mood, tension, and well-being, where she found greater results in participants who were new to sound-based meditation.

  • Group Synergy

Experiencing a sound bath in a group setting can amplify its effects. The collective energy of the group, combined with the therapeutic sounds, can create a powerful shared experience of relaxation and healing!

An article on Integrative Review Of Scientific Evidence For Reconnective Healing, shows how entrainment synchronizes autonomic nervous systems, connecting a group on a biological level.

  • Balancing Energy

Sound baths often balance the body's energy centers or chakras. Different frequencies resonate with different chakras, helping to clear blockages and restore balance.

  • Enhanced Sleep

Many people find that sound baths improve their sleep quality. The deep relaxation achieved during a session can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep. A recent study by Peter Wostyn found a connection between sound-based meditation and improved sleep, which impacts the brain's ability to repair effectively.

  • Creativity & Clarity

The meditative state induced by a sound bath can lead to heightened creativity and mental clarity. Participants often report feeling more focused and inspired after a session.

This is likely due to brainwaves entering the Alpha or Theta states associated with creativity, fluency, originality, and flexibility.

To learn more, read our blog on The Healing Benefits Of Sound Baths - With Jen Vu.

Why Choose Group Sound Healing?

Sound healing uses therapeutic sounds and vibrations to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Its impact can be profoundly magnified in a group sound healing session!

Whether it's a yoga class, a meditation session, or a sound bath, the collective energy of the group, combined with the harmonizing power of sound, can create a truly transformative experience for participants

Also, incorporating sound healing into group sessions like yoga or meditation can enhance group dynamics, fostering a sense of unity and collective relaxation. The shared experience of sound healing can strengthen the bond between participants, making the group practice more cohesive and enjoyable.

Additionally, as an alternative healing practitioner, adding sound healing to your repertoire can significantly expand your professional offerings. It opens up new avenues for workshops, retreats, and regular classes, allowing you to cater to a broader audience seeking holistic wellness practices.

Benefits Of Becoming A Certified Practitioner For Sound Baths

Professional Credibility

Earning a diploma in sound healing, especially from a reputable institution like The Sound Healing Academy, enhances your credibility and trustworthiness as a practitioner. It assures your clients that you have undergone rigorous training and possess the necessary skills and knowledge to guide them effectively.

Personal & Professional Growth

Becoming a certified sound healing practitioner is not just a professional endeavor but also deeply personal. You will gain a deeper understanding of sound's therapeutic potential and how it can be used to foster your own healing. This knowledge enriches your life and empowers you to facilitate profound healing experiences for others!

Community Building

Sound healing for groups is inherently community-oriented. Becoming a certified practitioner can build and nurture a community of like-minded individuals committed to holistic health and well-being. This sense of community can be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling.

Diving Deeper Into Group Sound Healing For Yoga, Meditation & Sound Baths With Becky Cresswell

Today, we invited Becky Cresswell, one of our wonderful SHA associate teachers, to talk to us about her journey of becoming a certified sound healing practitioner for groups and hear her advice for anyone interested in following the same path!

What inspired you to become a sound healing teacher at The Sound Healing Academy?

“Over my years of hosting sound healing sessions and events, it’s always been so heartwarming to see the amazing and varied effects sound healing can have on people.

I hadn’t planned to teach sound healing, but when the Academy asked me to join the team, it seemed like a no-brainer to me as I’d be able to help others spread the word (or should I say sound) of the amazing healing benefits of sound healing to a much wider audience - throughout the UK and beyond!”

What motivated you to pursue your diploma in sound healing and become certified to teach sound healing for groups?

“From a young age I’ve always been drawn to singing and playing instruments as it helped me release childhood trauma. I found it soothing, calming, and meditative.

Because of this great draw to play instruments, sing, and love music led me to study popular music at university, sing and play in many different types of bands, and later,  teach music in secondary and primary education. 

But over time, I found I wasn’t happy with my life, so I completely changed it, went traveling, and discovered yoga. It was through yoga that I attended my first sound bath. During the event, it hit me like, ‘Wow, this is what I’ve been doing with my musical instruments to some extent all my life. I need to learn more about this!’ and it was from there that my journey to my diploma in sound began.” 

You facilitate sound baths in the UK. What advice would you give someone who has never experienced a sound bath?

“I’d advise people to attend events held by sound healing practitioners who are well qualified with a reputable sound healing organization (like The Sound Healing Academy), that are insured, and to not be afraid to ask the host for their qualifications

It makes me sad to hear from some of my students that they attend events that they have found overwhelming and/or not very relaxing, but as they don’t know any different,  they’ve felt it was normal for a sound bath. 

This soon changes when they learn at my workshops with The Sound Healing Academy how to use the instruments effectively to help people reach deep levels of relaxation and healing

This is part of why I love to teach, as I know that I am helping to spread the word about holding an effective sound healing session.”

In a group sound bath, what physical sensations are common for people to experience during a session?

“I’ve heard many people say over the years of me hosting events how they’ve felt heavy/light generally or in certain parts of the body, rushes of energy through the body, tingling, or like something has shifted or lifted from a certain area of their body.

All of these are common experiences in sound baths.”

What emotional experiences could people have during a group sound bath?

“They may have a mixture of emotions like pure joy, happiness, being at peace, feeling at one, or sometimes sadness or maybe even a little irritability. 

This can also be part of the sound healing process, and it can vary with each event you attend.”

What would you advise people who are interested in diving deeper into sound baths? What would their next step be?

“To attend as many different types of sound baths as you can (with reputable sound healing practitioners of course) to get a feel for what you like and don’t like in a sound bath. 

And then, if you feel the pull to learn more and dive deeper, you can book a sound healing course with a reputable training provider like The Sound Healing Academy!”

Can you share some of the highlights and most rewarding moments you've experienced while teaching sound healing for groups?

“Oh, there are so many! I guess at the top of the list, and I would have to say when I hear from students how much of an impact their events are having on people and how they are helping to change people's lives - from events in care homes to schools, yoga classes, the corporate world, and many more. 

This makes me very happy, and it is one of the main reasons for doing this work, if not the most important. 

Also, the impact sound healing has on the students' lives. I’ve seen students come to me as one person at the start of their training and transformed by the end of it. It’s so great to hear their stories and the healing journeys they have had with sound!”

What unique elements or techniques do you incorporate into your group sessions that are particularly effective or transformative for participants?

“I’m known in my area of the UK for using my healing voice in my sound baths with techniques such as vocal toning, mantras, and even overtoning (where it sounds like the voice is splitting into different notes simultaneously). 

It’s always the most commented on topic in my events because of its effects on people, and they generally find it the most transformative

I believe the voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument because we are the instrument, and students often find this when we use the voice at workshops.” 

How has your journey in sound healing influenced your personal and professional growth?

“It has influenced me greatly!

It’s helped me to release trauma, to relax on a regular basis (humming and mantras are good friends of mine now), and has also helped me to be able to voice myself more confidently and to believe in myself more. It has been quite transformative for me!”

What advice would you give someone considering becoming a certified sound healing practitioner, especially for group settings?

“To train with a reputable training provider like The Sound Healing Academy! 

It’s so important to do this as you’ll know (like my students say) that when you are qualified, you are of a high standard in this field and know how to effectively and safely hold space for various people and their needs.” 

How do you see the future of sound healing evolving, particularly in group settings like yoga, meditation, and sound baths? What are you most excited about in this field?

It’s evolved so much since I started training and holding events! 

I’m seeing more and more different types of events these days rather than just public sound baths, such as ceremonial events, yoga and sound baths, sound healing in care homes, and many more. 

I hope that one day, sound healing will be used more in medical settings to help people on their healing journey, in addition to/or instead of, if possible, allopathic medicine.” 

Become A Group Practitioner With The Sound Healing Academy

The Sound Healing Academy offers a comprehensive Level 2 Diploma Course In Integral Sound Healing For Groups. This course will equip you with all the skills and knowledge necessary to become a proficient sound healing practitioner for group sound healing settings such as yoga, meditation, and sound baths.

Level 2 Diploma Course For Groups Highlights

In-Depth Curriculum: This diploma course covers the foundational principles of sound healing, the science behind it, and practical techniques for applying it in group settings.

Hands-On Training: You will receive hands-on training with sound healing instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, and more.

Experienced Instructors: Learn from experienced practitioners who bring knowledge and real-world experience to the course.

Flexible Learning: The course is available online, allowing you to learn at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

Community Support: Join a supportive community of fellow students and practitioners, offering guidance and encouragement throughout your learning journey.

Enrolling in our Level 2 Diploma Course For Groups will prepare you to become a certified sound healing practitioner capable of leading transformative group sessions in yoga, meditation, and sound baths!


Becoming a sound healing practitioner for groups is a meaningful and rewarding path

It allows you to significantly impact the well-being of others while also fostering your own personal and professional growth. The benefits range from enhancing your professional credibility to building a supportive community. 

If you're ready to elevate your practice, consider joining our Level 2 Diploma Course In Integral Sound Healing For Groups at The Sound Healing Academy. Embark on this transformative journey and discover the profound power of sound healing in group settings!


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