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Google Gets Sound Healing

corporate sound healing Jan 12, 2021

The Sound Healing Academy (SHA) has recently delivered a series of income-generating livestreamed sound healing sessions to global teams in various parts of Google.

This video is a recording from one of the livestreams.

There are 3 parts to this video:

1) Short talk about the science of sound healing

2) Demonstration of sound healing, using a variety of instruments, to give the participants a direct experience of the benefits integral sound healing

3) Outline and demonstration of a 3-step process that you can do anywhere, anytime to help you be more calm and have more vitality.

For many years now, Google has taken an enlightened approach towards staff wellness. 

They've brought in a range of wellness practitioners into their sites to offer classes and sessions for staff. 

Sound healing has become one of the services offered.

The global COVID pandemic has forced most organizations to change the way they operate. 

With more people working from home,  Google has gone online, using their own platform - GOOGLE MEET - to deliver staff wellness programs.

In October 2020 SHA was fortunate to be invited to deliver the sound healing livestreams for Google as part of a series of half-day at-home wellness retreats for staff.

So far we've delivered 5 livestreams for Google in the period November 2020 - January 2021.  On each event dozens of Google staff have participated. 

The livestreams have covered 3 main time-zones so that people in Google teams across the globe have been able to benefit from them.

The Sound Healing Academy teaches people how to run integral sound healing sessions for corporate organizations.

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