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New Course: Diploma in Integral Sound Healing With Groups

level 2 certified courses Mar 09, 2017

Sound Healing is Going Viral!

Sound Baths & Sound Meditation events are happening in towns and cities across the Globe every day of the week, attracting large groups of people who love to regularly de-stress and feel more calm & peaceful with healing sounds!

Hospitals, day care centres, geriatric centres, yoga studios, corporate businesses, children’s health centres, community centres, churches, holistic health centres are all embracing healing sounds……the list goes on….

The demand for Group Sound Healing is spreading rapidly, and opportunities flourish for people who are properly trained and qualified.

Now you can learn how to be a professional sound healer, doing work you love, making a difference and manifesting abundance in your life!

We're launching a new Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing With Groups online course in April 2017. 

This is a 12-month course involving home study with workbooks, case studies and a practical exam.

This course is UNIQUE – there’s nothing else like this one – see below for more details!  

We’ve been running sound healing courses since 2003, and we now have students, practitioners, tutors and teachers in over 40 countries.


This course covers working with healing sounds in different types of groups and locations, both solo (on your own) and with others in small teams, using acoustic sounds and recorded music.  

We cover how to work with healing sounds in 10 different types of groups: 

  • Public Sound Baths & Sound Meditations
  • Healing Sounds at Fairs and Festivals
  • Integrating Healing Sounds into Meditation and Yoga Classes 
  • Healing Sounds for Teachers and Students (Education Groups)
  • Healing Sounds for Corporate / Other Organisations
  • Healing Sounds for Elderly / Dementia Care (staff, service users, carers)
  • Healing Sounds for Autistic Spectrum Disorders (staff, service users, carers)
  • Healing Sounds for Palliative Care (Cancer Support)
  • Healing Sounds for Fertility & Pregnancy (pre, during and post natal)
  • Healing Sounds for Transformational Ceremonies & Rituals

We also cover how to integrate Movement & Sacred Dance with healing sounds.

When you join this course, you get access to a wealth of resources covering the 10 different types of groups.  

You can study all 10 if you want.  

However, you’re required to study only 5 of them.

So you can elect to study the sound healing groups that best match your interests and aspirations, drawn from the list above!

Our unique Integral Sound Healing process is tried and tested as a highly effective healing modality.

This has been documented in thousands of written case studies carried out by the teachers, practitioners and students of our Sound Healing Academy.

You don’t need to be a musician or singer to be a successful professional sound healing practitioner, and you don’t need to be a qualified healer, therapist or other health-care professional to participate in this course.

By joining our practitioner sound healing course, you’ll discover how healing sounds can help you and others to:

  • be calm, balanced and relaxed
  • have more energy & vitality
  • be more productive & creative
  • alleviate emotional and physical pain, dis-ease and illness
  • and more…..

 On this Course, you’ll get much more than a professional Diploma and a new career….

You’ll personally feel more relaxed and fulfilled.

Your creative energies will blossom and your natural intuitive abilities will flourish.

This course will transform your life!

You’ll feel richly rewarded from noticing how well people in your groups deal effectively with their health and personal issues, and you’ll know deep within the core of your being that your life has greater meaning, purpose and variety than ever before.


By the end of this course you’ll have the experience, confidence and resources to quickly and easily create a richly rewarding career, doing work you love, helping others with healing sounds.

The Diploma in Integral Sound Healing with Groups certifies you to practice with the general public and get full professional indemnity insurance as a Sound Healing Practitioner.

We are an approved training provider with the International Institute for Complementary Therapists.  This means that you can get professional insurance to practice as a sound healer in most countries. 



You’ll learn PRACTICAL skills and techniques for working with different types of groups using easy-to-play instruments including: Gongs, Hand-held Frame Drums, Tibetan (Himalayan) and Crystal Singing Bowls; Your Healing Voice, Monochords; Sansulas, Chimes and more…

You’ll discover the THEORY behind the practice – the science, art and spirit of integral sound healing

You’ll master our unique 10-step HEALING PROCESS that effectively creates deep relaxation, reduces stress and alleviates chronic pain, dis-ease and illness without relying on drugs and their adverse side-effects

You’ll get a recognised QUALIFICATION plus guidance on how to successfully LAUNCH, MARKET & DEVELOP your sound healing practice so it becomes financially sustainable   


  • Qualifies you to work with healing sounds with the general public working with groups using a variety of instruments and your healing voice.  If you also want to work professionally with individual 1-2-1 clients  you can take an extra course – our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing (Clients).
  • Is ideal for musicians, singers, djs, music teachers, psychotherapists, medical doctors, nurses, carers, healers, holistic therapists and anyone wanting to work professionally with healing sounds…..


Our unique, comprehensive course includes:

  • 10 cutting-edge training Modules each containing high quality video tutorials, briefing sheets, a Workbook plus other training resources
  • Monthly live, interactive Webinars and Group Coaching Sessions to support your learning and development before and after the workshop, with questions & answers 
  • 4 x live, 1-2-1 personal coaching and mentoring sessions by phone or Skype to help you to get the most from this training and support you with the case studies
  • Coaching tips by email and in our on-line learning center to ensure you fly with the course!
  • The assessment process with personal feedback on your workbooks and case studies
  •  Opportunity to network and collaborate in our global sound healing community


The investment in this course is $1296 when you join the group intake in April.

After that the price rises to $1998.



This course is structured around working with a unique mix of 10 types of groups, enabling you to generate multiple income streams for a richly, abundant career with healing sounds:-

For each type of group we cover the key elements you need to plan and run appropriate sound healing events to acheive positive healing outcomes.


The quality of the relationship between you and people in your groups is critical to the success of the sound healing process.  

We cover the most significant dynamics in this relationship: building rapport; active listening, facilitating engagement & managing energy flows.


Although the instruments we use to create the healing sounds are easy to play, we teach key musical concepts and techniques that enhance the healing process, including: natural harmonics and overtones; musical intervals; dynamics of consonance, dissonance, rhythm, amplitude & sensitivity.


We teach you how you can work with therapeutic instruments and your voice to correct distortions in the energy fields of your clients, including the sound biofield and chakras to achieve harmony, balance and healing.  

You’ll learn effective techniques for working off-the-body of people in your groups.  We do not recommend on-the-body work in groups.  That’s best done in 1-2-1 sound healing session with clients. 


Healing is most profound and long-lasting when we adopt integral perspectives and practices.  

We draw on the Integral Medicine models of Amit Goswami, Ken Wilber, Marylin Schlitz and others.  

We work with sounds to facilitate healing in all 5 dimensions of consciousness: physical; emotional; mental; soul and spirit.

Mindful awareness of outer and inner sounds creates a state of deep relaxation and peace.  


To join this course you should first qualify with one of our Level 1 Foundation Certificate courses either Online or Blended with Workshops.  

A similar qualification from another school, college or academy, is also acceptable – you’ll be asked to send us a copy of your certificate.

Assessment Process:

You will need to complete and pass the following 3 forms of assessment:

  • Workbooks: covering a minimum of 5 types of Sound Healing Groups, plus 3 general Modules, making a total of 8 workbooks to complete.
  • Case studies: 20 group sound healing events – we provide the forms for you to complete.  You’ll need to get feedback, testimonials and photos from each event.
  • Practical exam: a video and audio recording of one group sound healing event lasting approximately 60 minutes.


You have 12 months to complete this course.


For more details about the course, please contact us….


[email protected]

or phone:

+ 44 (0) 1208 873 974 


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