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How To Do Online Sound Healing

online sound healing Apr 05, 2020
How to do Sound Healing online

On April 4th 2020 we held a live Webinar on Zoom to help people in our community to be more successful with Online Integral Sound Healing.

In these challenging times with lockdowns being enforced to help slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, more people are spending time online while at home.

This webinar provided a lot of information on how to get good quality live broadcasts for 1-2-1 and Group sound healing sessions - for workbooks, case studies and paying clients.

We covered options for:

  • platforms (zoom, facebook live, youtube live, instagram etc)
  • types of equipment, (smartphone, laptops, microphones, lighting etc)
  • packages for different price options (no-cost, low cost, medium cost, high cost)

 Please view the recording of the webinar below:


You can view and download the resources produced for this webinar by clicking on the links below:- 

Click here for a PDF copy of the SLIDES in the PowerPoint presentation

Click here for a copy of the text CHAT during the webinar

Click here for an AUDIO only recording of the webinar

Click here for the Guide to setting up Zoom for "Original Sound"

Click here for the Workbook Guidelines for Level 1 Students

Click here for the Workbook and Case Study Guidelines for Level 2 (1-2-1) Students

Click here for the Case Study Guidelines for Level 2 (Groups) Students


There was quite a lot interest from webinar participants in the microphone and usb audio interface that Tony used for the webinar, so here are the details:

Mic: one Oktava MK-012-01 MSP2 (part of a kit - Stereo Pair, Silver)

Audio interface: Shure MVi

plus XLR cable (female to male)


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