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What Students Say About Our Level 1 Sound Healing Workshops

level 1 certified courses Sep 04, 2021
Level 1 Foundations Workshop

At The Sound Healing Academy, we have been running workshops for quite a long time now, and we would like to think that we have mastered the perfect balance between learning, collaborating and connection within a group. All in a safe and nurturing space at all times!

Our teacher network is growing and we are so happy to announce that more in-person sound healing training workshops will be available for you to choose from very soon!

One of our newest team members to join us in facilitating sound healing workshops is Nana-Anua Smith. She holds a BA in History, Heritage and Archaeology and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education with a specialism in French.

Nana-Anua also holds a sound healing practitioner diplomas with SHA which has enabled her to work with groups and with individual clients. She is also a primary school teacher where she has introduced sound healing and yoga nidra work to her students.

Here's what Nana-Anua's sound healing students have to say about her in-person sound healing training workshops in the YouTube video below!

If you are not living in the UK, do not worry as we are expanding our teacher network globally and have new teachers starting not just in UK, but also in the USA, Australia, Ireland, and Singapore.

We hope to be running more workshops in more locations across the globe soon!


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