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Practitioner Diploma In Sound Healing Course Testimonial

level 2 certified courses success stories Jul 15, 2017

In this video Sally Hutchison from Greensborough, Victoria, Australia talks with Tony Nec about the very positive outcomes she experienced from doing our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma in Integral Sound Healing for working 1-2-1 with clients. 

There are 3 parts to the video:

1.  Positive healing outcomes from Sally's case studies.

Sally outlines three case studies involving:

  • a medical doctor who resolved a relationship challenge with her mother
  • a woman who has just completed a PhD in nursing who resolved chronic health challenges associated with lungs, skin and other issues
  • a woman who works as a social work counsellor and gestalt therapist who resolved complex issues

2. Personal transformation for Sally while doing the course.

3. Positive comments from Sally about the course content, structure and delivery.

Sally is now fully qualified to work professionally as a Sound Healer and is included in our Directory of Practitioners.

She is 'living what she loves'!

Here is a written testimonial that we received from Sally after she completed the course:

The Diploma of Sound Healing was thorough, covering six different instruments, including voice, and their application in the healing context. The blended approach worked well with the face-to-face intensive, a complete suite of online videos, handouts, webinars, live online sessions and Skype sessions with tutors. This was a great balance.

The videos I find very useful because the ongoing access means that I often go back to view particular ones as a refresher at any point in time. The course also provided me with a reference to a wide range of books, many of which I have purchased, that have further extended my knowledge and understandings of the science that underpins sound healing.

Tony Nec’s 10 step model of Integral Sound Healing is unique, combining techniques that as a whole prove to be very powerful in supporting people to create immense positive changes in their lives on a multi-dimensional level. I have already witnessed this through the case studies that I completed as part of the course assessment.

My confidence as a sound healer has grown enormously over the duration of the course and I am now able to conduct energy assessments and to then make informed choices about the instruments, sounds and techniques I use so as to much more specifically target the particular issues for any given cli-ent.

Through the Sound Healing Academy I have become part of a sound healing community.

One of the highlights for me was travelling to the UK to participate in the five day intensive program which I did right at the beginning of the course. I believe that this created a solid base from which to complete all the other course requirements. I have maintained contact with a number of the other participants and we often share ideas and resources, support and encourage each other.

The course was incredibly valuable and I have learned an enormous amount, now feeling well-equipped to develop my business in sound healing. I am very grateful for this and ex-cited about using my new skills and knowledge to work with people and to share with them the power of sound.


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