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Sound Healing Instruments Required For Our Group Work Course

level 1 certified courses Feb 06, 2017
Sound Healing Instruments

Creating healing sounds for groups, for example in sound baths, is richly rewarding!

You will need a variety of easy-to-play sound healing instruments to complete the Workboooks and Case Studies required for our Level 2 Diploma In Integral Sound Healing For Working With Groups.

The minimum set of instruments we recommend are:

Ideally, you will have a larger set of instruments, and we recommend that you also consider the following:

Also, at The Sound Therapy Shop, we sell many of these instruments, such as sets of Tibetan singing bowls and tuning forks at discount rates for students on this course.

We can also recommend suppliers of other instruments.

Please contact us for more details by emailing us at [email protected]



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