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Sound Healing: Science and techniques for alleviating COVID-19

science of sound healing self care Mar 24, 2020
Science and techniques for alleviating COVID-19

In this video Tony Nec, the Principal of the international Sound Healing Academy, outlines the science behind 2 effective sound healing techniques that can help alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19.

These are:

  • humming
  • playing a weighted 128 Hz tuning fork on your cheeks above the sinuses

The video is made up of clips taken from the recording of a live sound stream produced for our new pilot online program: "Thanks For Sharing".

He draws on the work of Dietrich Klinghardt MD who explained in a recent lecture1 that what makes COVID-19 so lethal is the activation of the inflammasome triggering the dreaded 'cytokine storm'.

The COVID-19 activation of the inflammasome promotes the secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokins: interleukin 1 beta and interleukin 18. 

These are the 2 things that have been shown to cause the cytokine storm that has killed so many people.

The NLRP-3 inflammasome is also relevant here.

Dr Klinghardt explains that if you can modulate the inflammasome and bring it to reason, then we will avoid the cytokine storm and we will save many lives.

3 things are known to modulate and tame the inflammasome:

  1. High dose vitamin C
  2. Melatonin
  3. Nitric Oxide

Humming while exhaling has been shown in a published study2 to release 15 times more Nitric Oxide than normal exhalation without humming.

In addition, in the video above, Tony refers to the evidence base3 which shows that humming also activates the release of melatonin from the pineal gland.

Humming therefore helps produce 2 things that our bodies need to tame the inflammasome that is activate by COVID-19 and so can help to save many lives:

  • Melatonin
  • Nitric Oxide

Humming can be done anywhere, anytime by everyone and it costs nothing.

Tony also refers to the evidence base4 which suggests that working with a 128 Hz weighted tuning fork can help release Nitric Oxide in the nasal passage-ways and sinuses and so contribute to taming the inflammasome.

128 Hz weighted tuning forks are a low-cost solution.  

Click here to buy a 128 Hz weighted fork

Here is summary of what's covered in the video on this page:

0.20 minutes: Beginning of the talk about the science  

5.03 minutes: Demonstration of the humming technique

6.13 Invitation to participate in a guided practice session with the humming technique

10.57 Outline and demonstration of the technique with a 128 Hz weighted tuning fork

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2. Weitzberg, Eddie, and Jon ON Lundberg. "Humming greatly increases nasal nitric oxide." American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 166.2 (2002): 144-145.)

3. "The Humming Effect- Sound Healing For Health and Happiness" Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman (2017)


5. Here's the link to the French medical study on hydroxychloroquine and azithromycine:


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