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Sound Healing Techniques: Improvisation and Amplification

healing voice looping sound healing techniques vocal toning Oct 16, 2018
Sound Healing Techniques: Improvisation and Amplification

In the video below Inga Liljestrom (vocals) & Mark Barnwell (guitar) demonstrate improvised acoustic sound healing techniques with amplified sounds for medium-sized venues holding up to 300 people.

In the second part of the set (at 6.45 minutes), Inga demonstrates the mesmerising use of a looper. 

This device is geared to looping vocals and is quite simple and easy to use.

This video was recorded during a 5-day workshop run by the Sound Healing Academy for our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma for working with Groups. 

This video is part of a series of talks and demonstrations on amplification and music in group sound healing that took place at Bath Spa University in September 2018.

Click here for more details about our sound healing course for working with Groups


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