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Sounds Heal: Interview With Harry Parkinson

success stories Feb 08, 2017

In this 30 minute interview, packed full of inspiring ideas and information, Harry Parkinson outlines the structure and content of 3 types of sound healing groups that he runs regularly.  He gives some tips on what to do and what to avoid to get the best healing outcomes in Sound Baths.

Harry qualified with our Practitioner Diploma in October 2014, and has since gone on to develop a thriving sound healing business.

Harry lives in Dublin, Ireland.  He's interviewed on Skype by Tony Nec, the Principal of the Sound Healing Academy.



The 3 types of groups Harry runs are:

  • Public sound baths:  two times a month on Saturdays, with two sessions on each day.  The fees are: €15 for one session or €25 for two sessions a day
  • Evening classes: 5 week blocks every Thursday.  The fees are: €65 for a 5-week block booking
  • Long weekend Resonance retreats a few times a year - from Friday evening to Sunday evening.  The fees are: €240 including accommodation and food.

Harry also does some 1-2-1 work with clients.  These people mostly join his groups and then come to see him personally.

He gets invited to do other events, such as Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs in Dublin; corporate gatherings and Zen meditation groups.

For more details about Harry's work and to contact him, please see his website:


In addition to his Diploma with us, Harry holds a diploma in counselling, psychology and therapy from the Accept Counselling Association of Ireland.

He is a shamanic practitioner and has completed intensive training in advanced shamanic practice at the Irish Centre for Shamanic Studies.

He is also a qualified yoga teacher (Nada Yoga School, Rishikesh, India). 

In October 2015 he released his first CD, 'Twilight', Sound to Welcome the Light and the Dark.

He is a musician and has written and produced relaxing scores to accompany Positive Psychology DVD's. He is also the co-writer, co-editor, producer and presenter of Life-Skills DVD's for teenagers.

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