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Tibetan Bowls: How To Make Yours Sing

tibetan singing bowls May 14, 2021

Sound Healing Academy associate teacher, Simone Meschnig, outlines and demonstrates how to sound your Tibetan Bowl and make it sing.


About the bowls

Tibetan bowls, otherwise known as Himalayan bowls,  create a symphony of harmonics.  Big bowls have a deep and comforting sound. All sizes of bowls help us to connect to the earth from which the metals came.

The size and the thickness of bowls creates the fundamental pitch, when tapped or played around the rim.  However the bowls do not have one single set note. When using a tuner app on a mobile, the notes can be seen to vary, especially when you stop playing and allow the bowl sounds to be sustain naturally without cutting them off.

This shows the different harmonics that are created within the bowl itself as it is played.



Making your Bowl Sing!


The use of a wand, which is usually wooden and may also be covered in various materials, is placed in the dominant hand and gently and slowly rubbed around the outside edge of the bowl in order to make the bowl sing.

The tones of the Tibetan bowls balance each of the chakras and bring each layer of the entire being into harmony with one another.



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