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Tibetan Singing Bowls

tibetan singing bowls Jan 10, 2017

Tibetan Singing Bowls Tutorial

Tibetan Singing Bowl

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sound Healing. In this blog, you'll find a video in which I demonstrate how to work with Tibetan Singing Bowls to trigger the relaxation response and reduce the symptoms of stress.

Stress lies behind many of the most common health problems that we face, including heart attacks, obesity and depression. Medical doctors and nurses report that stress is a major factor in 80% - 90% of health challenges that their clients face. So triggering the relaxation response to alleviate stress is an effective part of the sound therapy process.

 With stress, there are so many conditions - physical and emotional - that can be quite troubling. Particularly in developed countries, people are often very heady and "ungrounded" and in need of more relaxation. This video demonstrates wonderfully how to transform the state of a person from stressed to highly relaxed.

I've found that a lot of people who are just getting interested in sound therapy want to know how it works and how they can work with various instruments....

Optimum health occurs when we are vibrating in harmony at our natural and inherent resonant frequency. Each aspect of our being including our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects has a unique resonance, or rate of vibration.

When one of the resonant frequencies of these aspects begins to vibrate out of sync, dis-ease or ill health occurs.

When this happens, an imbalanced sound pattern or vibration has been established within one or more levels of our being.

With sound the it's possible to re-balance the resonant frequency and restore the inherent vibration for optimum health to occur.

Tibetan singing bowls are very effective instruments to use in sound healing therapy. In his video, I demonstrate how Sound therapy triggers the relaxation response in our nervous system. This helps us to de-stress, relax and feel more calm and peaceful.

In this video Tony shows how to work with 6 Tibetan bowls both on and off the body with the client lying on their back to help a client relax.

It is possible to trigger the relaxation response with only one bowl if that is all you have, using similar techniques shown in this video. As a result, we can improve our health and wellness naturally, without medication.


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