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Tuning Fork Activators - We Explore your Options

tuning forks Sep 26, 2021

There are so many activators to choose from when working with tuning forks.

It can be a little overwhelming when you begin your soundhealing journey. At The Sound Healing Academy we like to help you feel a little less overwhelmed when choosing your instruments and accessories. This way you can focus on what you love; creating healing sounds.
We supply many of or students with tuning fork activators in our sound therapy shop.
We do still however get many questions on which activators are best to use for different sound healing applications.
Such as:
  • Can I tap two forks together?
  • Do people really use their knees?
  • How can I activate my fork effortlessly whilst moving throughout a session?
In our video below we look at the many different activators and ways to activate your tuning forks.
Take a look at our recent video where you can learn about:
  • The leg activator
  • The rubber activator
  • The puck activator
  • The rubber Mallet
and also about how you can use:
  • The palm of the hand
  • The knee
  • The Hip
  • Tapping forks together 

to amplify the frequency of your tuning forks. 

We explore the different activators you can use to amplify your tuning forks frequency.


Learn more about tuning forks!

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