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Choosing your Crystal Singing Bowls

crystal singing bowls Aug 28, 2021
crystal singing bowls

Crystal singing bowls are beautiful instruments. They contain the healing properties of quartz and are deep acting and powerful.

Here are a few things to consider when buying a crystal singing bowl before enrolling on one of our courses:


What types of Bowls can I choose from?

Conny Lerch with a collection of bowls

There are a number of different types of bowls:

  • White Frosted and Coloured Frosted Quartz bowls are the sturdiest bowls and also the most affordable. They are rough on the outside, smooth on the inside and come in different notes of the scale. They are also the loudest and great for using in large spaces. Be careful to play them gently and sensitively otherwise they may be too loud.
  • Clear quartz bowls are more expensive (about double the price of frosted bowls) but tend to have a longer sustain. They are more fragile too and, though they look like glass, they are also made of quartz crystal. They are quieter and great in a 1 to 1 situation or playing for yourself. 
  • Clear bowls infused with minerals: these bowls are like the clear ones but also infused with minerals such as gold, tanzanite, amethyst, rose quartz, platinum. So they also have the healing properties of these crystals.
  • Alchemy bowls are more solid bowls which are made from quartz and blended with crystals, minerals or precious metals. They are very expensive – at least £1000 but very powerful.
  • Practitioner bowls have a handle making them easy to play in the biofield around the body. The clear ones have a very long sustain making them suitable for 1 to 1 situations and playing over a client with a number of techniques.


There are a couple of things to be aware of when buying crystal bowls. 


  1. The note A (above middle C) is tuned to 440 hertz. This is in line with standard orchestral tuning which allows all the instruments of the orchestra to be in tune with each other. If you are playing with other musicians or sound healers, you will need to check that your instruments have the same tuning.  
  2. The note A is tuned to 432 hertz. This is thought to be a more harmonious, healing tuning and is claimed to be a “universal frequency”. 

So when you buy your bowls, make sure that they are all the same tuning system.

If you have some that are A440 and some that are A432, you won’t be able to make harmonious intervals. 


Perfect Pitch

Also check whether your bowls are “perfect pitch”. Perfect pitch is considered anything between ten cents below to ten cents above perfect pitch zero or exact perfect pitch.If they are more than 10 cents (plus or minus) they won’t be perfect pitch and may not make harmonious intervals.




Interested in learning more about the benefits of crystal singing bowls?

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