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Your Healing Voice. An Introduction to Toning

vocal toning Oct 12, 2021
vocal toning

 Sound Healing Academy Teacher - Becky Cresswell Introduces us to Vocal Toning


What is Vocal Toning

Vocal toning is where we create vocal sounds to facilitate the healing process. These sounds can resonate with our physical and energy bodies.

It has been widely used in ancient cultures and is today integrated into many spiritual practices throughout the world.

Research shows that our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument! 

As a daily practice, vocal toning is one of the most simple, easy and effective therapeutic tool you can use.

It’s free, and fully mobile, so you can do it anywhere, anytime!

How do we do it?

On a daily basis we unconsciously use our voice for toning without realising. A sigh for example. Even a simple hum can have a healing effect on the body. Sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman talks of this is in "The Humming Effect". 

Do I need to be able to sing?

Some people do find it challenging to use the voice as they have been conditioned to think they need to have a beautiful singing voice to use their voice for healing. This is simply not true. If you do find it a challenge, another instrument can help you feel more confident when using the voice. 

To tone consciously for healing we use the breath and intent. 

In our new series: "Your Healing Voice", we spoke to Becky Cresswell to guide us with some simple techniques.


Birmingham based teacher Becky Cresswell guides us through some simple techniques to tone a simple humming sound.


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