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About the Sound Healing Academy 

The Sound Healing Academy offers sound healing training and Certification in a wide range of instruments including: tuning forks for healing, gongs, singing bowls, voice; drums and other instruments for sound baths, therapy, massage, yoga and meditation.

Through our Academy you can learn how to develop a successful career as a professional sound healing practitioner working privately and in spas, hospitals, yoga retreats and care homes.

You can also learn how to integrate advanced vibrational sound healing techniques into an existing practice for one-on-one sessions, such as massage, psychotherapy, kinesiology, reiki, reflexology and other holistic healing modalities.

Our international network of teachers have vast experience of running sound baths, gong baths, group sound healing sessions in public halls, hospitals, day care centers, residential care homes,m schools, corporate and other organisations.

You can study sound healing online or join us for workshop training currently available in 4 countries: USA, Australia, UK and Ireland.

Since we started in 2003, thousands of people all over the world have transformed their lives by following our programs and courses.

We have a growing international network of teachers, tutors and students in 50+ countries.  After you qualify with one of our Diplomas, you can join our affiliate program and then apply to join our teacher training program.

Sound healing with crystal singing bowls

Our unique form of Integral Sound Healing has been clinically tried and proven in thousands of case studies. It is powerful, quick, effective and long-lasting!

Our Principal, Tony Nec, has over 25 years experience with healing, coaching and teaching.

He and all our teachers are fully qualified in sound healing through the Sound Healing Academy and have insurance.

The Sound Healing Academy is a project of Wise and Thrive Ltd, and is based in the UK.

Our HQ is based in a purpose-built Sound Healing Studio, located in an organic garden and orchard, surrounded by fields and woods.  


When I was a teenager in the 1970s, I was blessed to experience first-hand the beautiful, uplifting sounds of Gregorian chanting by Catholic monks in an Abbey church built to enhance their vocal harmonics.  

A few years later when I was a university student, I learned how to enter into states of altered consciousness from meditating and chanting Mantras with Tibetan Buddhist monks.  

Often in the still moments after the chanting ended I experienced the nature of my being as a subtle vibrational field with no boundary between myself and the world around me.  The sense of oneness is difficult to describe, though I can say that when it happened I always felt peaceful, calm and gently blissful.  

I then explored the spiritual, healing and musical traditions of India, Tibet, China and Japan.

In 1991, after gaining a Diploma in Shiatsu and Oriental Medicine, I opened my first health clinic in Aarhus, Denmark.

Since then I’ve continued to explore the science and art of vibrational, energetic, informational, psychological and spiritual healing in an integral embrace of mind, body, emotion, soul and spirit.

I now know from my own practice and scientific evidence that an effective healing process relies on a combination of factors, including:

  • a high quality relationship between healer and client
  • a strong desire for positive change within the client
  • a strong belief in the effectiveness of the healer and his / her therapeutic modality
  • a clearly focused intent for healing in both the healer and client
  • a state of calm, present-moment awareness in the healer
  • a state of relaxation in the client
  • a set of skilful techniques applied by the healer to stimulate the client’s natural healing abilities

This is is what we now practice and teach in our unique form of integral sound healing. 

Come and join us and experience it for yourself!