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Chakra Toning With Vowel Sounds

chakras mantra Nov 09, 2021

Chakra Toning using Vowel Sounds



What is Vocal Toning

As mentioned in our last blog in this series, vocal toning is where we create vocal sounds to facilitate the healing process.

These sounds can resonate with our physical and energy bodies.

It has been widely used in ancient cultures and is today integrated into many spiritual practices throughout the world.

Research shows that our voice is the most powerful sound healing instrument! 

As a daily practice, vocal toning is one of the most simple, easy and effective therapeutic tools you can use.

It’s free, and fully mobile, so you can do it anywhere, anytime!

How do we incorporate vowel sounds into this practice?

The beautiful thing about using vowel sounds is there is no language or words to use so it is accessible to all. We can direct these vowel sounds to different energy centres in the body. After taking a gentle breath in we release the chosen vowel sound with our voice.

This directs the tone to that energy centre in the body and can bring balance and healing to that area.

Vowel sounds (Chakra Toning Sounds) and their associated chakras



Birmingham based teacher Becky Cresswell guides us through some simple vocal toning techniques using vowel sounds.


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