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‘Life with sound is wonderful - and I am cancer-free!’

success stories Aug 21, 2019
Caroline Rolling

Caroline Rolling, from Shropshire in England, was sadly diagnosed with stage one bladder cancer back in January 2019. Here, she shares her experience and journey with sound healing on her road to recovery. As told to Yasmin Rosales.

Caroline is happy to be cancer-free!

A tumour had been found in my bladder which was thought to be cancerous. At the time Maggie – who trained with and teaches for the Sound Healing Academy – was delivering sound healing sessions to me, I was waiting for a biopsy to find out what stage cancer I had.

I felt strongly that sound therapy was what I needed to help prepare for and recover from the operation. This was important to me as I was experiencing debilitating levels of fatigue, reminiscent of how I felt when I had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) many years before, and I was also in a lot of discomfort due to whiplash and back pain from a car accident that happened just a couple of months before. 

 “I felt strongly that sound therapy was what I needed to help prepare for and recover from the operation.”

Everything felt restricted. Anything that involved a lot of physical effort was a struggle and I needed help with many things like vacuuming and moving things around. Walking very far was also becoming a problem and grocery shopping was impossible.

This also affected my mother who relies on me for help with shopping.  She was the one supporting me rather than the other way around! Sitting at the computer for more than a few minutes was also very uncomfortable and I felt unable to work. 

I couldn’t leave the house very easily, so Maggie visited me at home and delivered the sessions there. I still find it hard to describe the depth of the sound healing sessions that I had with her. We only had four sessions, but they were amazing.

Maggie mainly used Tibetan bowls and tuning forks on me, but she also did some drumming and voice work. She also bought her gong to one session and I remember sitting up afterwards and saying “wow!” several times.

Maggie working with a Tibetan Singing Bowl

I felt great improvement after each session. And incredibly the fatigue went after the first (one or two) sessions. I thought I had already worked through all aspects of my M.E. but the sound healing sessions have elegantly cleared a lingering, old pattern of fatigue. 

The pain in my lower back and around my kidneys vanished too and, thankfully, has never returned. Within a few sessions, I was able to do much more around the house and I could go out and about more.

The biopsy showed the tumour was stage one cancer, on the surface, and follow up scans show a healthy bladder with no hint of a tumour. I am officially cancer-free.

The sessions have brought more than a physical release. I feel like something deep within me has changed. I felt like something big had been lifted. No, more than that. I felt like the sound went to something very deeply embedded within me. It is as though something was broken, but now it is integrated and whole again.

 “The sessions have brought more than a physical release. I feel like something deep within me has changed.”

I was so blown away by my experience that I've since spent a wonderful weekend on Maggie's training to use Tibetan Singing Bowls. And I am currently completing my Level 1 certificate with Tibetan Bowls through the Sound Healing Academy. I have a feeling this is just the beginning of my journey with sound. 

Caroline practising with a Tibetan bowl at the Tibetan Singing Bowl workshop

Maggie Langton is a wonderful therapist and trainer bringing all her experience into her sessions, taking time to make you feel safe and comfortable for the sound to do its work. I highly recommend Maggie and sound therapy; both are simply brilliant.

Life with sound is wonderful - and I am cancer free!


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