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Level 1 Certificate: Foundations Of Integral Sound Healing

Tibetan Singing Bowls Online Course


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Tibetan Singing Bowls

Level 1 Sound Healing With Tibetan Singing Bowls

  • This 3-month certified online Tibetan¬†singing bowl course guides you through how to work with a variety of¬†Tibetan singing bowls to create transformative integral sound healing experiences
  • Learn effective techniques for sound healing with¬†Tibetan singing bowls to help yourself and others¬†
  • Take your first step towards receiving a Tibetan singing bowls certification¬†

Learn How To Use Tibetan Singing Bowls For Healing

Learn effective techniques for sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls to help yourself and others in your life you care about.

What to expect from this course:

  • Feel confident working with¬†Tibetan singing bowls
  • Help yourself with healing sounds to feel more relaxed and calm
  • Offer¬†effective sound healing sessions to your family and friends
  • Lay a solid foundation to advance¬†onto our Level 2 Practitioner Diploma Courses

What you'll learn on this Tibetan singing bowl course:

  • How sound healing works - the science, art and alchemy¬†of our unique method of¬†Integral Sound Healing
  • How to work effectively with easy-to-play¬†Tibetan singing bowls
  • Healing skills and techniques for working both off and on the body
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What You'll Learn On This Course

Everything You Need To Know Before Starting

What's Included In Your Online Learning Portal

With us, you'll get a lot more than easy access to an online library of videos and other resources. You'll be linked with a real, live person as a tutor!

Personal Tutor

Personal Tutor

You'll have a personal tutor who will guide you to successfully complete the course. You'll get answers to your questions by email and in a live 30 minute coaching call.  You'll also get feedback on your completed workbook.

Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

You'll get access to over 30 video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on various aspects and techniques on how to play with Tibetan singing bowls. The techniques can be applied for self-care plus 1-2-1 and group sessions.

Other resources

Other Learning Resources

You'll be able to take quizzes and download many other great online learning resources, including: handbooks, a workbook and audio recordings. These are meant to complement your learning journey.

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What Students Say About This Course

"I thought this course was very well presented and that the videos were in an effective learning format. It exceeded my expectations and I am beyond grateful for having taken the course! I am also so very grateful for and in awe of the work and time it takes for Tony and his team to produce such an organised, professional, and thoughtful course of study. Their genuine love for sharing their knowledge and expertise with their students of sound healing comes through in every video and handout. Thank you all so very much!"

~ Cindy Long (Hamden, Connecticut, USA)

"I do believe that I learned a lot. I found the Level 1, the introductory module, was a great background les-son before starting the Tibetan bowl portion of the training since it was thorough (and technical) with respect to the different facets of sound healing (e.g. the science, art and alchemy)..."

~ Mimi Chow Smith (USA)

"I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learned valuable insight and application tools to further my techniques and knowledge. I am so grateful I chose to purchase the certification option. Completing the workbook and doing the exercises has brought a greater understanding and confidence that I could not have received otherwise. The videos were easy to follow and were an excellent form for me to learn from. I do wish that there would have been more about the group sound baths. A demonstration on an actual sound bath being done would have been helpful. I appreciated the methods used to present the information on the notes and intervals. I am not musically inclined and the information was simple and easy to understand for a person without a musical background. Well done!".

~ Sarah Dvorak (USA)

"It is very informative and practical. I am happy to have deepened my knowledge and understanding about sound and Tibetan singing bowls.  I had searched for the right one for me for over a year and I was very happy when I found Sound Healing Academy. The online portal was clean and easy to use. It made accessing the materials quick and easy."

~ Eunmi Chang (USA)


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