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Sound Healing And Your Physical Therapy Practice

physical therapy Apr 10, 2022
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How Sound Healing can Complement your Physical Therapy Practice

As mentioned in our last blog post, sound healing can amplify and complement many holistic therapies. This week we are looking at physical therapy and pilates therapy and how soundhealing can enhance the results that can be achieved.



Clarissa De Paula 

Clarissa has been working with physical rehabilitation for over 20 years, and playing an important role in her client's quality of life.
Her connection with sound healing started about 9 years ago with her Kundalini Yoga practice. 
"A few years back I found myself battling depression and that's when I started to dive into sound therapy for my own self healing journey. I experienced a profound transformation. Being a therapist myself, I knew I would like to bring this healing modality back to the people I work with and to my community."


Bringing sound healing to her clients

Clarissa began to share that she was studying Sound Healing with Tuning forks and how she was learning that the presence of dis-ease, "essentially is an indication of the body being out of tune and that the tuning forks can bring the body back to its healthy vibrational state and promote self healing."
She had instant interest from her existing clients and it was an easy transition, incorporating this therapeutic modality into their rehabilitation program as the results were so good!
Clarissa working with a client
Clarissa places her tuning forks on the body to help pain and inflammation release, and to restore function at a much faster pace than ever before in her career. 
From sceptical clients who now regularly come to her for pain relief to stroke recovery patients and even canines, Clarissa has worked wonders with her skills learnt on her Level 1 certified course  
"On reflection, my personal and professional experiences show how sound healing can be beneficial in a vast range of applications, and how the therapeutic approach of sound goes far beyond the sound bath meditation settings."
Clarissa De Paula - Realign Balance Therapies, California, USA

Hear more about Clarissa's amazing results with tuning forks.

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