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How to Balance Energy in Meridians with Tuning Forks

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Learn to work effectively with weighted and unweighted tuning forks to balance energy in the meridians using acupuncture command points.

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Short Sound Healing Course: How to Balance Energy in Meridians with Tuning Forks

Learn to work effectively with weighted and unweighted tuning forks to balance energy in the meridians using acupuncture command points.

A meridian is an ‘energy highway’ in the human body.

Qi (chee) energy flows through this meridian or energy highway, accessing all party of the body.

Blockages in the meridians can lead to a lack of energy supply to certain areas of the body, or a surplus of energy in other areas.

These imbalances can result in ill health and disease. Meridians flow just below the skin on the surface of the body.

They exist in corresponding pairs and each meridian has many acupuncture points along its path. It is possible to work with tuning forks on specific acupuncture points know as 'command points' to restore balance to the Qi energy flowing in the meridians.

Command points are used because of their ability to strongly influence the quality of Qi in the meridians for therapeutic purposes.They are all located below the elbows and knees, making them ideal for healing with tuning forks.

Help yourself and others: your family, friends and clients!

This is an amazing introduction to working with the healing sounds of tuning forks!

Weighted and Unweighted tuning forks are designed specifically for working on and off the body respectively.

When you join this course, you'll:

  • Feel confident working with tuning forks for healing
  • Help yourself with healing sounds - feel more relaxed and calm
  • Give effective sound healing sessions to the people you care about: your family and friends
  • Lay a solid foundation for a career in sound healing, working 1-2-1 with clients

This course covers working with the acupuncture command points of the human body meridian system using 5 unweighted tuning forks from the Harmonic Spectrum set:

C (256 Hz), D (288 Hz), F (341.3 Hz), G (384 Hz) and A (426.7 Hz) plus a weighted MID OM (136.1 Hz) or weighted OTTO (128 Hz) to harmonise imbalances.

Extensive research shows that these tuning forks help to:

  • reduce stress
  • alleviate pain and increase mobility in joints and muscles
  • help our bodies to detox

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This offer includes:

  • 9 video tutorials designed to teach you everything you need to effectively balance meridian energy using weighted and unweighted tuning forks (over 2 hours of video tutorials)
  • A 17 page pdf Handbook entitled "Balancing Meridians with Command Points" that you can read online and download
  • A comprehensive Workbook to guide your learning


2 video tutorials covering the Science, Art and Alchemy of Integral Sound Healing

Altogether, 4 hours of top-quality online training!

You'll get all this immediately for only $39 when you join our online course!

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