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Your Heart Beat and The Frame Drum

brainwave entrainment frame drum heart heart beat rhythm shamanic Feb 13, 2022
Heart beat rhythm and the frame drum

Our relationship with rhythm begins in the womb. The heart beat we hear there, has a therapeutic and calming effect on us. This connection to the heart rhythm carries on throughout our lifetime and can help ground and calm us.


Beat Patterns and the Frame Drum

Different beat patterns can bring about physical, emotional and spiritual healing for the mind and body.

When working with a frame drum in a sound healing session it is good practice to start with a simple technique to connect to your drum and also to the person or group you are working with.

What beat pattern should I begin with?

A simple two beat pattern with a shamanic drum can entrain the heart and brain to relax and enter altered states of consciousness.

This slow rhythmic playing of the drum, can helps the mind access deep states of healing and calm.



Creating the heart beat rhythm with your drum

Sound Healing Academy teacher Morag Wylie, talks us through the simple heart beat rhythm.

"Start where you are (take your pulse) beating a steady rhythm then gradually slow it down to 70 beats per minute or even 60 beats per minute. Use a soft beater and a gentlesteady beat. You’ll find your heartbeat and mental chatter will calm as your brainwaves also slow down, easing anxiety in the body"


 Teacher Morag Wylie demonstrates the heart beat rhythm.

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