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Choosing your Frame Drum

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Choosing your Frame Drum

When choosing a drum, the type of drum head will be a factor to consider. You can choose between synthetic or animal skinSynthetic drum heads are man made while animal skin drum heads are produced from the hides of animals, typically goat, deer and cows. Ethical or spiritual beliefs can play a role when deciding on the drum.



The main differences  

Synthetic Frame Drums:

  • are man made
  • can be played in all weather conditions without the sound being effected
  • are easier to maintain
  • are very durable
  • have a great consistent sound for drum circles

Animal Skin Drums:

  • use the hide of an animal
  • people with Shamanic beliefs often drawn to these drums
  • work with the energy of the animal
  • each drum is unique and sounds different
  • have a beautiful warm sound
  • the temperature effects the material


Teacher Morag Wylie shares her experience of playing with both types of drums

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