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An Introduction To The Frame Drum

frame drum Jan 16, 2022
frame drum

The Frame Drum

The frame drum is one of the most ancient musical instruments. It is possibly the first drum to be invented. It has a single drumhead often made from animal hide but man-made materials may also be used. 

How Is The Frame Drum Made

The drum is usually made of a wooden frame traditionally called a hoop, which has either been hollowed from a section of a tree, or a length of wood which is bent into a round or sometimes symmetrical shape through manipulation possible by heating the wood with steam to allow it to become movable and ultimately bendable.

The Beater

The playing of the drum is facilitated with the beater or wand which is traditionally made from a long wooden stick with a square of suede placed at the top of the stick, usually with some padding under the suede so a soft end is created, and then a strip of suede is tied around the stick to secure the padded square in place.

Workshop students learning Shamanic drumming and how to incorporate them into sound healing.

Teacher Morag Wylie talks us through some if the frame drums she uses in her sessions and workshops.

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