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How Sound Frequencies Heal - Adrienne Smith’s Story

Jan 17, 2023
Practitioner holding two tuning forks in her hand

Did you know that sound can heal many different health problems? Over the years, it’s been proven by a growing body of scientific evidence that sound healing frequencies can treat many ailments starting from anxiety and depression all the way to chronic pain and beyond. 

In this article, we will find out how sound frequencies can heal, and we’ll also get to hear first-hand from a true life story of our wonderful teacher, Adrienne Smith, how sound has completely transformed her life and the life of her clients. 

So, if you are curious to find out how sound frequencies can heal and how they can help improve your health and spiritual well-being, keep reading!

How Does Sound Heal

Let’s quickly cover once again what is sound healing before we move any further!

Sound Healing is an effective way of improving our multidimensional well-being by combining different healing sounds, music, and special sound healing instruments. By doing so, we can experience a transformational change where all the layers of our luminous energy field (body, mind, soul, and spirit) are awakened in a very gentle and loving way. 

One of the most well-known benefits when thinking about how sound frequencies can heal is through brainwave entrainment. This is when our brainwaves get exposed to a specific healing frequency, which then can cause them to change their overall frequency to be more balanced and healthy. 

Another way that sound frequency can be used to heal is through vibration therapy which involves using instruments that produce vibrations at a specific frequency, such as Tuning Forks. Their vibrations can then be applied directly to the body, which can help to significantly reduce pain, improve circulation, and promote overall healing to our being.

When it comes to using sound healing frequencies, we have great news, as first of all: 

  1. Sound Healing is a non-invasive technique that doesn’t have side effects
  2. Additionally, it’s relatively inexpensive when compared to other alternative healing modalities 
  3. It is very easy to access!

At The Sound Healing Academy, we have a wide variety of Online Courses and In-Person Training Courses if you’d like to find out more and to start your journey in healing with sound!

How Does Sound Healing Work

To understand how sound healing works, we need to understand that sound healing uses specific frequencies to target different areas of the body. By doing so, each frequency is thought to have a different effect on the body and can be used to treat various health problems.

For example, low frequencies can be beneficial for pain relief, while high frequencies can be helpful for anxiety and depression, as they can encourage the release of lower vibrations and stagnant energies in the body. 

The Science Of Integral Sound Healing is a very fascinating area that all our students enjoy learning as part of our sound healing courses. In case you want to dive deeper, make sure to read our blogs on: 

In short, Integral Sound Healing is very effective at triggering the relaxation response, which counters the many symptoms of chronic stress, including heart, endocrine, and digestive disorders.  

Many sound healing instruments can be applied both on the body and off-the-body, using a variety of easy-to-play instruments and voice. When instruments, such as Tuning forks and Crystal or Tibetan Singing Bowls are played on the body, it is a form of local vibration therapy.

Adrienne Smith’s Story: From Law To Sound Healing

Adrienne Smith is a certified sound healing practitioner living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and also a part of our sound healing teachers' community. 

In 2018, Adrienne took time away from her career in law and higher education and spent 16 months travelling in Italy and New Zealand. In her travels, she made wine, harvested olives, cooked at spiritual retreat centres, trekked to New Zealand’s many back-country huts, and found her calling to pursue a career in sound healing.

And now, let’s hear what she has to say about her amazing journey of healing and transformation!

How did you move from Law to Sound Healing, and why? 

I couldn’t shake the feeling there was something else out there that felt like a true calling. I explored different interests over the years in my spare time, everything from literacy tutoring to food writing and wine studies, but nothing felt like “it.” 

In 2018, needing to shake things up a bit, I quit my job, put my stuff in storage, and travelled around Italy and New Zealand for 16 months. I let myself wander and have all these experiences and learn to clear my mind, listen to my heart, and trust my gut. When I returned to the states, I went to a sound healing introductory workshop, and something in me just knew this was the path I wanted to fully commit to.

For me, sound healing is the “full package,” so to speak. It appeals to the side of me that is a musician, a meditator, a teacher, and a lifelong learner. I feel like I can spend the rest of my life exploring this, and there will still be more to learn and feel passionate about.

Is there anything that you applied from your previous career when doing your Sound Healing Course with us?

I’ve spent a lot of my life demanding so much from myself. 

Through my travels, I developed a softer, more compassionate and easy relationship with myself. I am also extremely grounded. I think that is a really important quality to bring when doing energy work. I find it easy to bring that sense of compassion to my client sessions.

What would you recommend to others that feel stressed and burned out when considering studying and practising sound healing? 

Know that from the beginning, you will learn simple techniques that will calm your nervous system and help you recharge. So as you are learning the substantive material, you are engaging in your healing and decompression. 

When stressed out, I will lie down, put a Tibetan bowl on my stomach, and tap it regularly. It is amazing how quickly my mood completely resets.

What would you say it’s the most rewarding part of making this change in your life?

Feeling like I do something I love that helps others in a meaningful way. 

Also, it helps me in my growth and healing journey. I also love the creativity of developing my own business and feeling like there are a million places I can go with it it. 

For example, one of my clients was coming through Santa Fe and booked a sound healing session with me. She couldn’t shake her anger at her ex, who had left their marriage. Even though she had moved on herself and was engaged to someone else, the bitterness and anger lingered. During our sound healing session, she felt so much love she couldn’t remember why she had ever been angry in the first place. She loved the experience so much and said that’s what she expected the afterlife to feel like!

If you could say in one sentence how sound healing has impacted your overall life and well-being, what would it be? 

I absolutely love it! 

Final Thoughts 

Sound frequencies are as ancient as the Earth itself, and our bodies emit their own unique vibrational field, each organ and cell within.

As sensory beings, we can use sound frequencies to help clear energetic blockages, re-harmonise our bodies, and bring a state of ease. We invite you to bring some balance into your being by allowing the magic of healing sound to embrace your being, and remember…when embarking on your own personal journey of sound healing, you don’t need to do anything except have an open heart!

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